Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daily Blogg: BT epic level fail

Ok Day 13 here on OMFGWhattheHellBT? watch. The engineer came out, tested my line all was well, all issues resolved...er..except...

...ok what the hell?

Here is the latest results from "British" Telecom thanks to SpeedTest.net, as you can see it looks more than a little familiar to my regular readers.
It has been so damn long since i was able to get on line effectively that my goddamn World Of Warcraft account has frozen due to me running out of game time.

As for work, well i am currently forced to download all my work to a PDA and send it to work via my local McDonalds wifi...

yea...i know...im not a happy bunny

so once again i sit upon my rump from 8am to 1pm waiting for a "specialist" engineer to attempt to fix the issue. If this continues i may have to seriously consider changing service provider.

stay tuned for more.