Saturday, October 13, 2007

Movie Night: illegal Danish (Trailer for part 2)

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Dammit Myndflame, we have been waiting for a VERY long time for the second part of this and once more despite assurances that it would be here sometime this weekend we are once again left hanging.

The last update we got was on September 6th and they had this to say:

There's a lot of inquiries asking how the progress of Escape from Orgrimmar is, and one of our members recommended posting blog updates, so here it is! I will be posting a 2-week notice once the video is finalized with a release countdown. Why? Because once the video is done there are a lot of preperations we need to make to make sure the links stay alive as well as insert all the fan and sponsor images. We'd like to make sure that everybody who has contributed is properly credited, and with DivX removing popular videos frequently, we're looking at alternatives for a high quality stream.

So despite everything were still waiting...dammit...oh well enjoy the trailer guys and i'll update and post the 2nd part of this*sigh*

I mean after all....its only a YEAR LATE!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Movie Night: illegal Danish Super-Snacks

Ok its movie night, this week were having a bit of a treat in the form of the truly awesome machima video "Illegal Danish Super-Snacks" now although this movie is rather old it is the first part of this wonderful series and due to the second part being released sometime this weekend (we hope) this should bring you up to speed with the plot and with a little luck i should be posting part 2 sometime tomorrow or early next week.

now sit back turn the lights down and grab your popcorn.....its Movie time!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rant : WoW races (Warning contains wow Lore)

I cannot believe I'm doing this again...

...I keep getting in to truly geeked out arguments about the various Warcraft races or to be more precise WTF is going on with them all.
Now as we know Orc's and Dreni are aliens from what is now known as outlands, and rumour has it that Nightelfs are nothing more than evolved Trolls (and by extension Bloodelfs are evolved from Nightelves) and if warcraft lore is to be believed Humans are evolved Troggs (sheesh) and Dwarfs are basically mini titans left behind after the well of eternity exploded.

But what of the mighty Tauren?

Oddly Tauren are the only race in Warcraft lore that simply has no real origin. The Tauren or Shu'halo are known to be nomads and have walked Azeroth since the dawn of time and that they simply refused to take part in the "War of the Ancients" choosing only to defend Azeroth herself (whom they refer to as the Earthmother) and in the process joining forces with the remnants for the centaur race and in turn developing modern Druidism which in turn Centaurus (High Lord and now Demi God) took to his now immortal children the Night Elfs and turned ther focus from the corrupting influence of Arcane magic towards nature and Druidism.

As for where the Tauren came from...well...your guess is as good as seems that they are the first True sentient race on Azeroth and basically the inventors of Druid magic forms...

....ether that or we have some sick b*stards out there with a cow fetish....
None the less i hope this puts a few role players in there place, as frankly I'm sick of hearing about it...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How To: Free WIFI Booster

WIFI Antenna Hack! - Click here for more free videos

OK so many of you have already watched this vid and thought "WTF! your kidding right?" but no I'm serious this not only works but works so damn well that given the simplicity of this modification ($5-6 or £2-4) its almost criminal not to use it.

Now a few more of the less technically minded of you are screaming "I DON'T WANT TO BREAK MY ROUTER!" but you still want a decent WIFI boost? well then why not try this video then?

Free* WIFI Booster - Watch more amazing videos here

So there you have it, by following BOTH these guides i have managed to achieve a massive 70% signal boost to my WIFI and can now comfortably play games such as Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft from the former maximum range of my little router with a minimum of three bars! I have to admit that i wish i had found this earlier in the year so i could have enjoyed surfing in the garden without constraints. None the less my little £19.99 ($40.00) router now consistently out shines even top of the range routers...

...Don't get me wrong it looks dumb as hell until you re-spray but its not bad for a drinking straw and a bit of tin foil eh?

*Free is by definition takeing into account that you have at least some technical expertise and are not a ham fisted troll with the dexterity of a manatee thet will destroy any electronic device you happen to touch.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Music for all: Bif Naked- Letdown

To be frank here boys and girls i realise that this is old but y'know what....i just don't care...

Bif Naked may have had a short stint at the top but I simply love the lyrics and the message and for some reason the whole damn video just appeals to me. So sit back and enjoy the music...

(due to yesterdays cock up this is a filler, normal service will resume tomorrow with our regular HOW TO section)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Rumour Mill: 2.3.0 Engineer flying mounts

Gotta love test realms, you find the coolest stuff and this should be a HUGE reason for many people to reconsider relearning there engineering skill in the near future.

Engineers have long been looked down there noses at buy the various more "combat orientated" trade skills such as Blacksmithing like some deformed and retarded relative only good for Gnomes and Hunters or people with some weird fetish for being blown up, but with the advent of patch 2.3.0 (coming soon) in the run up to WotLK we will see those scant few with the much under appreciated 400 engineering skill (both Gnomish & Goblin) will have access to this questable recipie and with a few days of grinding have there very own plane to fly about in!


Once you have acquired these much coveted item you can then use your faction engineering skill to "improve" it into an epic mount! Rumours of the Goblin version having huge rocket engine's has as yet to be confirmed but its only a matter of time before we see every Gnome in Azeroth re rolling there traditional race trade skill and cluttering up the Sky's with hunks of smoking machinery...

...dammit i knew giving them parachute cloaks was a bad idea...

(goddam stupid auto update posted this too early....oh well its fixed now)

Daily Blog: illness crits Aries for 100k

Im realy not feeling well today, i appear to have a chest infection (no idea where the hell i got it from) and i've lost my voice...

...ok you can stop bloody cheering now...

...none the less the normal features of the week will carry on regardless thanks to the wonderfull programme known as "auto update".

As for me.... i feel like a couple of hundred pounds of shit flavored lard so im of to crawl into bed untill some form of humanity comes back.

see ya later!
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