Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So its the holiday season, its snowing and its -10 outside with a windchill that scares the hell out of the elderly, small children and ...er...me.....*cough*

this years chrimbo giveaway is kinda implied with the amazing piece of art above!

Thats right folks im not only giving away Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (on high quality .avi) but also the COMPLETE series on .cbr for your reading pleasure!

Happy holidays readers and happy new year!

Movie link:

Comic link:
[Scott Pilgrim 01 - Scott Pilgrim..zip (Scott Pilgrim 01 )]

[Scott Pilgrim 02 - Scott Pilgrim..rar (Scott Pilgrim 02)]

[Scott Pilgrim 03 - Scott Pilgrim..rar (Scott Pilgrim 03)]

[Scott Pilgrim 04 Scott Pilgrim G..zip (Scott Pilgrim 04)]

[Scott Pilgrim 05 - Scott Pilgrim..zip (Scott Pilgrim 05)]

All uploads are to Megaupload and relatively fast, how long they stay stable and viable is presently unknown so grab em while you can!

Now dont forget to tune in later this week for a happy holiday How Too! for those last second gift ideas for friends and family of the cheap and cheerless :p


Sunday, December 12, 2010

How Too: Make WoW gorgeous

Did you know World of warcraft only runs on its most basic settings even if you run the sliders all the way up to "Ultra" level? Did you know that most modern computers capable of running the "Ultra" level graphics are generally NOT showing the game at its full potential?

Did you know the already stunning look of cataclysm can be improved with a simple macro?

Thanks to the new modified UI you have plenty of control over WoW using the default video settings, which can be accessed from the main menu, but the limits of these sliders are lower than what the game is actually capable of . For instance, the Ground Clutter Density slider has an in-game maximum setting of 160, but the corresponding console command lets you push this all the way up to 256. The difference is pretty breathtaking too - with not only more vegetation, but higher and more lush plants at that. It also makes more stones, but that doesn't excite us quite so much.

We've actually set up two macros to enable us to stand anywhere and see how the rendering engine handles the highest and lowest details. In order to create a macro, simply hit the Macro button from the main menu (hit [Esc] a few times until it pops up). Give your macro a name and a suitable icon and then type in the commands below. Repeat the process for the second macro, then drag both to a free spot on your action bar. Stand in Terokkar Forest or Nagrand and hit one and then the other and grin like a loon.

Once you use these settings, there are times when you'll be particularly aware of the draw distance of the local objects. Unfortunately groundEffectDist is limited to 140, so there's nothing you can do to improve this value.

Get hidden settings

Create a macro inputted with the following to see WoW in a new light:

/console groundEffectDensity 256
/console groundEffectDist 140
/console detailDoodadAlpha 100
/console horizonfarclip 2112
/console farclip 777
/console characterAmbient 0
/console smallcull 0
/console skycloudlod 3

If your framerate takes a dive, then this macro will sort you out:

/console groundEffectDensity 16
/console groundEffectDist 1
/console horizonfarclip 1305
/console farclip 177
/console characterAmbient 1
/console smallcull 1
/console skycloudlod 1
/console detailDoodadAlpha 1

So there you go, a free graphic update for wow to push your computer to its limits, just dont forget to turn it off when going into towns as you will lag out.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daily Blogg: oh anon u so krazy

Rule #1. Don't talk about 4chan

Yea.....not gonna be doing that because "somebody" apparently a member of the group Anonymous calling himself 'Coldblood', tells Jane Wakefield why he views its attacks on Visa and Mastercard as defence of Wikileaks.

Now i dont know who this guy is as i haven't trolled /b/ for a very long time but the various '_chans' are generally very quick to LOL while they troll and thus far this namefag has yet to turn up on any of the bigger boards as they tend to destroy 'Attentionfagging' at source with a speed and efficiency that borders on the psychotically obsessed. The simple act of taking on a name ANY name defeats the point of anonymous as a whole.

Heres the video link (not gonna sully the blog with it any more than this)


Now i for one call bulls*it on this as an attention seeing fame hungry faker.
i may be wrong but this does not look sanctioned by /b/ to me.

Anonymous does not forgive, Anonymous does not forget, Anonymous is not gonna like this...

...because Anonymous is Anonymous for a reason.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Daily Blogg: It's Cataday!

At midnight tonight the World of Warcraft finishes its startling alteration to the new "old world" at the hands of Deathwing.

At 12.01am the servers go live and then everything go's to hell and we can start flying round the old world or start rolling furries and snot gnomes...er...i mean Worgen and Goblins and the world firster's and there teams of boosters can start grinding the hell out of the new content to the new shiny level cap of 85.

Now as for me i'll be starting a new shiny wolf man on my Alliance side server (Alonsus) and a new Goblin on my Horde side server (Saurfang) so i can play through the starting quests in the new noob areas and perhaps get into a new toon...

...perhaps a warrior or shaman...

...perhaps both.

oh well ill see you all in there, FOR THE HORDE!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Advertisement:Toon struck (for Vathos)

I know NOTHING about this game but i wont let that stop me advertising it.
According to a very good friend of mine its all good and he has this to say:

"My favourite ever game Toonstruck. The creators of the game are making number 2 but in order to do so they need "tremendous fan support" and they need this petition fulfilled. "

apparently they want part two finished...y'know...sometime

link here:

so if you have 5 mins to spare, throw them a bone.

and if you wanna actually PLAY the game first:

Download here:

peace! and sorry it took so long buddy

Monday, November 22, 2010

How Too: ok its been a while

For those of you keeping track i've been AFK for almost 4 weeks, the reason is we have just had a new addition to the family and this have been sleep deprived and exhausted.
But im back and thats what matters. BTW yes i am aware that my autpo poster took a dump again and am making efforts to fix it as we speak.

None the less i'm back in time for Azeroth to go to hell and due to the world ending (as we know it) i had a bit of a nostalgia well up over the old world and thought i should share it.

but as i said, i've been away...

...so i guess i had better come up with something amazing...

...how about your own World of warcraft server to play with?

...how about a sandbox server based on the ORIGINAL Alpha build?

...how about i make it under 4 gig?

...how about i shut up and post the links?





its this simple, make a Filefront account, download the zips and unzip em, follow the handy read me and go see what wow looked like prior to release!

be warned this is a ONE MAN SANDBOX!
-you cannot spawn anything
-you cannot engage in combat

to bring up the GM console press the "@" button (UK keyboard)

the commands available are

- speed ## (max 59)
- swimspeed ## (max 59)

er enjoy your new toy!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Daily Blogg: cata gonna knock you out!

Oh yes yes YES! The sundering has begun and its ALLLLLL good.

Blizzard has started the Cata pre quest countdown to the sundering of Azeroth ans we get to take part by infiltrating the doomsday cult known as the Twilight Hammer. This naferious group of nay sayers believe that by helping the elementals of teh old world take over (and burn down our citys) that they will be elevated to elemental status themselves and survive the sundering of the planet...

....as a long time do gooder it will; be your job to plant your well worn boot in there collective ass earn a little gold and generally get in there way.

sounds fun right?


Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Blogg: ok things have got a little nuts...

no now this is NOT another rant at BT but i am in the middle of updating to fiber optic broadband and things have been less than stable so before you all start with the question "ok why no updates?" you have to take into consideration the following:

#1. new baby in the house means less and less time to update (and sleep)

#2. I have yet to blog about the new baby because the camera the photos are on has kinda died

#3. broadband has been erattic...

#4. did i mention the new baby? yes new baby...me...a daddy....again....another girl....


*cough* er yea....i will do a proper update when things settle down and i can upload without a disconnection.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Blogg: 60,000 Hits

And so it came to pass that this Blog has been viewed 60,000 times...

...bloody hell thats a lot of views!!

just 40,000 to go before big numbers start hurting my brain.

I would like to thank everyone of my readers who come here regularly to engage and ingest my insanity, without you all it would be very doubtful that my little corner of the internet would still be here

once again THANKS!

and let the hits keep on coming!

Daily Blogg: CATA INCOMING!!

So we have an official release date for the latest expansion for World of warcraft. Incoming on the 7th December 2010 Cataclysmic insanity hits Azeroth.

So what to do until then? well I for one am attempting to craft myself the Thunderfury Legendary weapon before Blackrock and Molten core is capped up to the 80's with the help of some friends in guild (Marcus, Steve, Rick, Helen & James) to grind the materials and grab some fun classic loot.

Now thats not to say we dont have a few things to do such as Hallows end and the 6th year anniversary event and lets not forget Wintervale to keep us occupied.

there is however one question that niggles at me...

...do i cap my 3 Lv80's to Lv85?...

...or do i roll a Goblin or Worgen?

time to flip a coin i guess

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daily Blogg: Making a machinama in a morning

So as the video said I was bored out of my mind to the point where i was randomly offering lifts on my MechanoHog through the barrens to random noobs when i suddenly came to the realization that this may well be the last time i spend any time in this zone before it is destroyed in the upcoming expansion.

struck with poetic idiocy this video verse came bounding its way into my mind. With barely a morning to spare to create, edit and upload this came from the resulting inspiration.

hope you all enjoy it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daily Blogg: Been a while aint it?

What can i say about BT that hasn't already been said?

....nope....nothing come to mind....

...The failure of there customer service is surprisingly well documented in this blog and i have no desire to continue lambasting them in an open forum.
I will however say that customer care has been less than stellar yet again and i am in no mood to continue speaking about it.

now onto other news, First i would like to say a HUGE congratulations to Alan and Andrea on the birth of there lovely daughter who no doubt will now be wearing a Ewok costume and wielding a itty bitty lightsaber mush to the pleasure and cooing of her proud parents.

sadly the last few weeks have also been tinted with tragedy as another close friend of mine due to all out medical incompetence lost her own child while at the Ulster Hospital. Helen and Billy you have my heartfelt commiserations and you know ill do whatever i can to make this is easy as possible on you both.

so yea things have been a tad busy...

...blog took a back seat, judge me harshly if you will but real life has to take the drivers seat at times like this.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Daily Blogg: Achievement whore, the advanced class!

Yep im hunting for achievements but not on Xbox Live, that epeen is more than sturdy enough to stand up on its own...

thats right im heading back to Azeroth for more shiny titles and riding beasties!!!

So a few chaps (and a wench named Wenchy :p) set our sights on Ulduar last night with a Rusted protodrake in mind before the next expansion hits. This chevo should be easy to do with our current gear from ICC and with a little luck should be a bit of a laugh.
regardless its an excuse to finally take one of my favourite raids apart on my paladin meat shield.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily Blogg: ok that was...fun?

OK so im back online and with a relatively stable 4.9mbps connection.
do you care? no probably not but none the less internet functionality has been restored.

alright enough of that tot time for some tunes:

so anyway, as i said im back and will have a proper update as soon as i catch up on all the crap in my inbox and clean out the spam.

later folks!

oh before i go does anyone know a good legal specialist? im demanding my month and a half of internet back. i know its only about £40 but its the principal of the thing dammit!.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mobile Phone Update: BT blues strike again

Yet again BT have decided to piss in my cornflakes. Due to there frankly startling level of incompetence when it comes to maintenance and service on there own lines.

I'm not going to get angry because if i'm honest this is simply par for the course when it comes to BT. I am however saying that this is the fault of one simple problem namely outsourcing and poor product knowledge. Yes i know it sounds racist but if your going to outsource to a 3rd world country then your going to get a 3rd rate service.

screw it im done with BT time to look for a new internet provider .

This post was donr on my goddamn mobile phone FFS, im paying £30 a month for broadband and im having to update on a goddamn mobile phone!!!

again sorry to all my guildmates on missing raids over this period of insanity, i promise it will be rectified as soon as possible.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Daily Blogg: New Blizz MMO project info

Ok here we go, this is a rumour mill spot but after months of research I am willing to spew into your little laps.

Here's what we got so far:

* It IS an new MMORPG.

* It appears at this time to be a singular world map currently approximated at 20 times the current size of Azeroth.

* It will use a more "realistic looking" gaming engine.

* The Blizzard "Hydra" team (formally the Diablo 3 team) are now almost universally working on this new project.

* This is NOT a world of warcraft project

ok so thats the facts as we know it so far, lets hit the rumours:

* The game will take place in a photo-realistic world and have only a single inclusive world rather than dedicated world and instance servers.

* It appears to have an "industrial age" style feeling leading up to some quite interesting tech and transport ideas eg: airships, auto-gyros, hot air balloons etc.

* Blizz are attempting to make sure at all WoW players and there current systems will be able to play the new game on minimum settings.

....and thats it....

...no seriously, Blizz have been so tight lipped on this that almost no info has got out.

...ok fine there is one more piece of scuttlebutt but somehow i doubt its authenticity because of the sheer technical enormity that would be required. There was a rumour regarding the new MMO being a fully phased world from the moment you log in.
So how this is rumoured to work is as follows: As you log in you join a phased timeline of your very own as you pass specific key points in the game meaning you will only be interacting with those in game that are at a similar level range to yourself. What this means is that ganking from high levels may well be a thing of the past as well as level 1 gold spam from trial accounts once you phase out of the starting zone.

ok now im really done, thats it, more info as i get it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daily Blogg: So i know these guys...

...yea anyway I know these two guys who we shall simply call Anon 1 and Anon 2...

So these two guys Marcus and Steve....i mean Anon's 1&2 *cough* are friends and guild mates of mine on the oh so very addictive MMORPG known as world of warcraft who have taken it upon themselves to take a nice long look into my little blog and its archives.

Now Marcus ...i mean Anon 1... has taken it upon himself to quit WoW until the end of August due to some personal stuff. Fair enough I say but you must take note that this wonderfully funny chap also happens to be the owner of our teamspeak server and much more importantly our raid leader!
So to him i wish you all the very very best and may chickens poop in your cornflakes...

...gonna miss gaming with you bud, ICC wont ever be the same.

Now on to Steve ...(crap)....i mean Anon 2
Mate you are possible the silliest and most resolutely inane person it has ever been my pleasure to meet, keep it up sir, keep it up.

so why the random post?

why the hell not!

....wonder what they will say on Teamspeak when they read this?


Daily Blogg: And on the 14 day

Finally my internet is back and fairly stable at a (still somewhat sluggish) 4.7MBps

Ok i had my totally justified and not at all bitter rant at BT a little over a week ago and because of there shenanigans i have missed out on a ridiculous amount of work and at least 12 shots at the Lich king on WoW with my 10 man group (that i fear may no longer require my services...) as well as movies, music and other streamed media that i have become depressing used to...

...i mean i found myself watching TV for gods sake!!!...

...i haven't watched TV in over two years!
Regardless it seems that BT are giving me my minimum service contract as of 02.00am last night and im willing to take it despite the fact that i pay for 12MBps broadband i will accept 1/3 of my service just to get the hell back online.

However this has slanted me somewhat and i will be looking for a new service provider as soon as possible.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Blogg: No internet and no phone make Alan something something...

Six goddamn days! SIX GODDAMN DAYS!!


Six days without a phone or internet has left me somewhat shaken and more than a little peeved with British Telecom to say the least.
I mean i understand that a nationwide service restart will always have hickups, and i understand that Northern Ireland is a relatively low priority when you consider London was cut off for three days during this "routine maintenance" but to be left for the better part of a week unable to communicate to the world when you work from home regularly is oh so much more than a kick in the pants that it staggers belief.

Over the last six days I have managed to loose no less than three closed timescale freelance jobs, I almost lost my damn job and worst of all I MISSED A RAID!
Ok perhaps priority's a little screwed up there but you know what i mean. This is truly unacceptable as far as customer service go's and to be frank i'm appalled that a service that i pay a premium for can be so easily put on the back burner for so long.

Now as all of you know i'm an equal opportunity asshole, to me everyone can be a tool regardless of race gender or creed...

...but i swear to whatever god you happen to believe in that if i am forced to attempt basic communications with a non EU non english speaking Indian national regarding tech support ever EVER again i think i may just have to go postal on some poor b*stard.

In short "Bangladesh Telecom" can bite my shapely pink ass! I will be changing service to another company as soon as my contract with those work shy idiots in the new Deli sweat shop that they have outsourced to is up.

screw you BT screw you within an inch of your idiotic lives!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daily Blogg: Auto Update Utter Fail

So as some of you may well know i have a little automatic updater for this blog...

...and it sucks the big one...

...so yea it failed again and has somehow managed to delete the "How Too" post i had written for it.

i will manually update it a little later this week.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Daily Blogg: Poetic idiocy

Poem time. Why? honestly i dunno...


Many muted and mulled musing quake the mind and its perusing's
deftly twisting from my slumber as i sleep in dreams they thunder,
A trillion words a thousand voices speak at once my brain contorted
as the words become distorted.
A shell of shattered images fill the cracks of conciseness
and as the twisted infinities attempt to put my soul at ease
I breath a gentle sigh and wheeze as i open my eyes...

....and feel the morning breeze.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Daily Blogg: Mal Explores the world

I have seen it all baby!
Yesterday my squishy little mage Malaus on the Saurfang server (EU) and proud member of the Son's of the Horde guild finally managed to saunter, stride, ride and fly his way across the whole of Azeroth and the Outlands to earn his "Explorer" title and shiny golden tabard.

Special thanks to Gavin, Steed and Vathos for there encouragement somehoe managing to "congratualte" me with ever singe achievement on this ridiculous world tour that i somehow managed to spit out in less than two days spamming the hell out of guild chat much to the frustration of my guildies.

so whats next on my list?

collecting tabard's OFC duh!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Daily Blogg: Got my phone back!!

Yep i got my phone back, as you can clearly see it truly is state of the art and much missed....

...no this is not my phone...

...So yea i have my phone and my password authenticator so i can access my blog and more importantly my desktop computer!

regular updates will resume post haste.

Now a completely unrelated topic Congratulations to Billy and Helen on there good news.

well done Billy i knew you could knock her up if you tried hard enough!!! (please dont kill me Helen!!)

anyway thanks to the police leaving the damn thing off standby for a week its is now almost dead so im going to have to change the battery again and hope it can be used without being tied to the mains.

oh well later folks, peace!!

Daily Blogg: Only a Theory

OH boy folks get your dungarees on and tune your banjo's because born-again Christian culture minister Nelson McCausland has called on the Ulster Museum to put on exhibits reflecting the view that the world was made by God only several thousand years ago.

Nelson McCausland, who believes that Ulster Protestants are one of the lost tribes of Israel, has written to the museum's board of trustees urging them to reflect creationist and intelligent design theories of the universe's origins.The Democratic Unionist minister said the inclusion of anti-Darwinian theories in the museum was "a human rights issue"...

Im not the sort of guy to simply stand by and let stupidity of this level reign supreme on my fluffy little green land and set the level of cultural growth back this damn far.

Twenty five years of civil unrest, a generation of children raised in terror, hundreds of thousands of people killed and injured over petty religious differences AND NOW THIS INSANITY?

forgive me for a moment here but seriously Nelson GET OUT OF THE GODDAMN DARK AGES!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daily Blogg: All up in yer Horde!

So after a fortnight i've managed to grind my ass off from 68-80!!
No possibly not something that should make me too proud but meh its that or work...

...and well...work is distinctly lacking so i have a little free time on my hands.
but yea its another Saturday and another character levelled to cap due to lack of ongoing freelance work.



sorry but you know how it is....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daily Blogg|: Work still sucks

Before you ask or make an assumption no this is NOT my workspace...

...it is however the workspace of a work associate (and fellow freelancer) that has little or no ability to understand when or if it is time to tidy his "work area" if not for himself at least so he can keep his cleaning deposit on his place.

So why this image? well somewhere in this pile of detritus is an old Dell Inspiron 4000 that i was picking up yesterday for a Linux project im working on and frankly after seeing this ...er....less than efficient home office space im seriously contemplating buying him a trash compactor for his birthday.

I'm sorry Steven mate but this place is a dive...

...Blame your missus it was her idea...public international embarrassment was the only way.

more news on the Dell project and what i can push its limited processing power to later in the week.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daily Blogg: WoW what a mess!

So unless you simply dont play the game, or have been living under a rock for the last year and a half you will no doubt be aware that the World of Warcraft is about to take a huge dump in the next few months in the form of the latest expansion WoW: Cataclysm.

So once again everything gets a kick in the bum and once incredibly powerful items are swapped out for quest reward and mob dropped greens and blues in the eternal struggle toward the level cap that will be raised to Lv85.

In addition to the cap as we already know are two new races to play and a total of four shiny new starter zones not only for the newly unleashed Wogen and Goblins but also for the poor homeless Trolls and Gnomes.

so what has this got to do with Blood Elfs and engineering (and man children on play equipment) as the comic implies?...

...im playing mt Belf hunter again and leveling engineering...i just made myself a ROFLcopter...i know it was a long way to get around to this, but im so happy!

tune in for info on the Halo: Reach Beta and my general impressions on the game that could just be the game to own this fall.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Daily blogg: Halo Reach Beta 03/05/10

Its here its here its here!!!
The sixth (and possibly final) game in the Halo series is going to public Beta testing at one minute past midnight tonight (00.01 GMT) here in the UK.

Joining Nobel team as a replacement after combat inflicted losses to the Covenant forces you take part in the truly epic and much toted fall of the earth colony world "Reach".
Halo reach takes part essentially at the same moment as the opening scenes of the first Halo game (Halo: Combat evolved) in which the ship carrying the Master Chief breaks the blockade of incoming Covenant ships and makes a blind jump that leads him to the first Halo installation.

What Halo reach does is show us how the planet came to be under covenant attack and how Nobel team managed to get the cryogenically sealed Master chief out of enemy hands and up into orbit to the USNC ship Pillar of autumn so he can meet his date with destiny and save the whole damn galaxy.

The public Beta testing is for the prototype weapon and armor capability of the third generation Spartan super soldiers in player Vs Player combat as well as the testing for the newly modified elites and there 1st generation weapons and ships.


now if you will excuse me....

*Deep Breath*

...BETA BETA BETA BEAT !!!111!!!!ONE!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daily Blogg: Doctor who's new series...

The new Doctor who series....I really have no other way to describe this so bare with me.

Tennant's Doctor was a very feminine character, his reactions to certain things implied real compassion and age in an established abet slightly campy world/universe. Through the series the world became more and more hardened and sharpened, life threatening situations genuinely seemed threatening and old enemy's came back with genuine purpose and a fairly dirty gritty world that still left some room for flamboyance and silliness. The 10th Doctor managed to make the show seem fantastic but still fairly real and as such when he said "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry" Tennant had the screen presence and acting ability to convey just how very old the Doctor really was and that he honestly was sorry about what clearly HAD to happen.

Smith on the other hand seems to be a cos-playing fanboy who has clearly read the scripts and attempted to study the previous incarnations and failed miserably to pick up on the fact that he is ALWAYS supposed to be smartest man in the room. why has he failed?
he too young...no not in terms of age but simply the fact that he plays the character as a 20 something whereas the 9th and 10th clearly relished the fact that they were supposed to be an almost eternal entity with nearly unlimited experience and could step the very very fine line between "you cant win, nobody can because i know i simply wont let myself to loose" and a jovial but stern "I AM the Doctor" self importance that defines the character.

Tennant was hard metal and sharp angles, running for your life and realistic settings with fantastical enemy's that in the stark light of day still seemed imposing. He brough life and genuine affection to the character with an air of wisdom and self assurance one would expect from someone as old as the Doctor.

Smith on the other hand feels like a cheap knockoff with all the charm and wit of a used teabag that has been squeezed out and left in the sun for a week. His big chinned ands somewhat childish style comes over as smug rather than self assured and manages to leave us with only one question...

...where the hell is the Doctor and how the hell did you manage to steal his TARDIS?

sorry but spitfires in space and Go Go Dalek Rangers & Dalek bomb defused by the power of love reeks of the who mobile and celery in lapels bullshit that killed the franchise for so very very long before Eccleston and Tennant managed to turn him from a campy kids show into a real adult sci-fi drama.

Please BBC do us all a favour and kill the big chinned asshole off hop back to Petes world pick up the copied Tennant Doctor pass the regeneration's to him in another form of metacrisis and call it a freaking day.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Daily Blogg: unrepentant and slightly repellent

So i started this week (easter holidays and all) on a bit of a downturn...

...i was a little down and as you all know misery LOVES company and i like rubbing religious types up the wrong way and thus my zombie Jesus theory of evangelism.

not sorry in the slightest for doing so as i think its funny as hell to make you all squirm.

Anyway back to this weeks project and the rebirth of "The Humming Cheese Mk2.5" also known as "what i can make out of my computer spare parts bin when im bored out of my skull".

The picture is NOT the new cheese by the way just a shot of my work station.....cool though isnt it?

but it means i now have yet another back up mid range desktop if my comp decides to take a dump and combined with my external HD it means no matter what happens i can continue working....

...wait i may want to rethink this...

...knew i should built a robot.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Blogg: Do you have a Zombie plan ready?

So its easter week, i have a question...

Q: What is christianity?

A: It is the belief that a two-
thousand-year-old jewish zombie
can make you live forever if
you symbolically eat his flesh
and telepathically tell him that
you accept him as your master,
so he can remove an evil force
from your soul that is present
in humanity because a rib-woman
was convinced by a talking snake
to eat an apple off a magical
tree in a wonderland.

[ If you judge me by this joke
and call me anti-Christianity or
what ever, you should really go
out more, look at the mirror at
times and adjust your world view.
Learn to laugh at yourself and
have some fun.

now if you will excuse me i must go check my emergency escape boat, shotgun, shells and chainsaw...

...Zombie Jesus is going DOWN!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daily Blogg: enough already!

I hate April fools...no not true i LOATH it.

Why? i hear you ask, well its this simple, this is the one day a year where my entire industry take upon themselves to act like total freaking morons.
I understand the tradition & i get the general "HAHA!" attitude but i mean come on folks im a serious journalist and being bombarded with idiotic "lol fooled you" style reviews and previews that continue to "fool" the local cattle long into the year with faked screenshots that keep getting sent to me bu sadly failing industry outsiders asking "er wasn't this supposed to be out by now?" style questions and requests that "i look into it pronto" and being unwilling to accept that they fell for a belated April Fools gag gone runaway is very frustrating and has in the past lost many a freelancer work because some idiot has claimed it as real and when refuted said freelancer is fired rather than make the in house writer look like an idiot.

so yea keep your jokes, stuff the hilarity, remove your water spitting flowers from lapels and put away your oh so hilarious fan fiction inspired review. Its not funny, some industry heads ARE really this stupid and do make our lives hell over these things because they have already asked for advertising space or worse already wrote and published something regarding your humourless fake, remember its poor working saps like myself that have to explain to there humourless ass that its all in good fun and not to be taken seriously.

rant over, take from this what you will...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daily Blogg: Breathing a sigh of relief

So after a week of drunken shenanigans and stumbling sobriety and unfortunate flashbacks associated with the smell of second hand beer and body oder in close proximity.

None the less the bitter dawn and several days of kebab related intestinal distress has forced me to reevaluate my alcohol consumption...

...oh who the hell am i kidding im going for a beer this weekend to congratulate my friends Helen and Billy's engagement and with a little luck manage to stay sober enough to wish them well without slurring or making a fool out of them or myself.

Perhaps a little practice is in order, TAXI!! the coco cabana!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daily Blogg: Gone drinkin'

Gone Drinking, I'll be back when the hangover clears.

normal service will resume when sobriety does.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Daily Blogg: rainbows and unicorns and flash games oh my!...

So yea apparently concussion can apparently lead to distinct drop on ones judgment and sanity especialy when it comes to images on ones personal blog.

Dont get me wrong the game posted below is a stonking great giggle but perhaps in the cold hard light of day posting a robotic rainbow unicorn in glorious Technicolor may have not been teh best idea i have ever had.

I blame the pain killers...

Regardless whats done is done and i hope you all enjoy the game in all its pointy equine glory.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daily Blogg: Game of the year!!!

Rainbows, robot unicorns, flying pixies, giant destructible stars, flying dolphins and classic 80's music from erasure ...

...Sorry folks nuff said...

...just play it!



Erasure - Always Mp3

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily Blogg: One small step...

Ok i should warn you that Blog entry's will be somewhat slow and steady for the next few weeks as i have managed to fall on my ass while shopping after slipping on a discarded shelf label and managing to leave a sizable dent on the floor with my oh so hard noggin.

One quick trip to triage and so fairly significant neck pain followed by pain killers and a short trip in a wheel chair to the nearest bus stop and i find myself at home in agony attempting to eat something so i can take more pain relief while my fingertips get progressively tingley and my neck annoyingly more stiff and painful.

MY girlfriend thinks i should sue...

..honestly im beginning to agree with her.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Advertisment: Pentech Systems

Now you all know I'm not one to just randomly give a company kudos randomly much less advertise there service in any way, but today I'm making a huge exception for a local firm that has simply blown me away with both its customer care and frankly staggeringly low pricing in comparison to every other PC repair chain I have had the dubious pleasure of being forced to use in the past.

Now I should say that Pentech are not exactly the biggest company and if you dont live in Co. Down finding them can be a little difficult especially now that there official site is down but given that there a local business and I am as yet to even come close to finding a better place to take my PC for repairs it would be idiotic of me to even think of not throwing a little free advertising there way.

I'm not going to give you a full list of costs and prices here simply because if i were it would take all damn day so instead I'm going to link you to there hotfrog & YahooLocal location sites so you can read the reviews yourself and find out where it it yourself.

There are always bad eggs in any open forum and in the case of YahooLocal this is more than a prevalent in the form of a local business rival attempting an attack on the company's good name in order to solicit business. I ask you all to ignore this moronic lie spewing and tactless simpleton and focus on the overwhelmingly positive reviews posted by those of us that actually have used the review system for the purpose it was intended.

Pentech Systems: Yahoo

Pentech Systems: Hotfrog

Or simply contact then yourself at:
Pentech Systems
voice: (028) 9147 4007
Fax: (028) 9147 0550
58A High Street, Bangor, BT20 5AZ

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daily Blogg: Happy hug day!!!

Happy St Valentines day readers! Have a happy snuggly happy fun day full of puppies and fuzzy kittens to and from the one you love.

and remember if you can be with the one you love then love the one you happen to be with.

peace and out folks!

Daily Blogg: Captains log supplemental

Here we see the U.S.S. Llewellyn in geosynchronous orbit directly over my humble home. Yes this is my ship boy ain't she pretty.
Heres how she looked before i got my greedy little mitts on it...

....yea she wasn't pretty but thats what spacedock is for.
So like any good Captain i took it upon myself to give her a facelift.

just though you may want to see her before i do my lovey huggy smoochy hhuggleluvs day post...

ok time to bring on the pink!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daily Blogg: Captains Log stardate...er...whatever

So in order to fend off Warcrack addiction i have surrendered myself to a nice big 30 day trial of the Star Trek MMO courtesy of the same nice people that let me play the Beta last month.

a very quick review will be forthcoming on this game as soon as humanly possible with my recommendations published here on Aries Antics as soon as i get a chance to poke around with the finished game rather than teh last stage test realm.

So what does this mean for my WoW account and characters? well dont panic im still going to be playing them, but not just at the moment. As a guildless (more or less) player i know i will never see end game content and to be honest the in game holidays after three years hold very little interest for me so as a clever gamer im taking a break so that when the new expansion comes to fruition i will be coming back in reasonably high end gear and able to see the game as fresh rather than just another drag through dead content.

Now if you will excuse me im off to play in the final fronter with a load of obsessive fan boys and geeks much like myself.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Music for all: Firefly's - Owl City

Ok folks im back from my trip to the Star Trek universe via the the frankly incredible new MMO (but more about that later) and just in time too as i had the privilege and joy of hearing this wonderful song that pulled me screaming back to another amazing science fiction show Firefly!

After getting into a quick tussle with some klingons and finding myself destincly overwhelmed i was very thankful for a quick assist from the USS serenity and USS Firefly (thanks guys) who came warping in to save my skinny scientist backside just as my shields hit 5%

As fate would have it I had just at my moment of crisis been listening to this song.

Funny how things work out isnt it?

oh well i hope you enjoy the song as much as i did.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily Blogg: Workin' like a monkey

Some of you that have been wondering where the heck i have been over the last week or so i suppose its only fair to fill you in.

I have been *shock* & * horror* working...

Yep im on another mid to long term BETA TEST REVIEW!! and although i am at this time unable to tell you exactly what im doing (or annoyingly who im even doing it for) i can say that it is a huge game, so huge in fact some may even say its a frontier all of its own, some may even imply that it could be the final frontier!

oh well i'll be back with you all as soon as possible but until then i hope you live long and prosper!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Software for free: Avast! anti virus Home Edition

As you all know i'm not one to pay for anything when i dont have to. Some may call this being cheap, personally i like to call it frugal and sensible.
As freelancer i dont want to have my computer at risk but on that same note i simply dont have the free cash to throw in for frankly awful anti viral solutions such as Norton or McAffee, at between £30-£50 ($56-$96 US) a year for software that slows down my computer and laptop to a crawl and uses up a significant amount of my processor resources while offering little to no real protection to my work.

Then I was directed to avast! by a fellow freelancer as a totally free and effective anti virus that would protect my computer wile taking almost none of my run time. The system updates from the same viral database as both McAffee and Norton on a bi-weekly basis and thus offering not only similar viral control but also updating on a more regular basis.

Now I should say a few words on the system interface, namely that it sucks the big one and looks like it belongs on windows 98 and takes a goddamn age to scan through your files, if you happen to have a hard drive bigger than 60-90GB and if you have a 1TB drive or more in your system then you may well have to give it overnight once a month in order to do a full scan and clean up.

Regardless it is an efficient and ridiculously simple to use system offering professional level protection from its normal Home Edition that will run on ANY system, even happily protecting my crappy little netbook. Remember you do not pay of your protection EVER but should you still feel a little unsafe or simply have too much money you can always purchase the professional edition and get the updated interface and access to some really good system retrieval tools and firewall settings for you work networks.

All in all its a great deal and if the interface were a little better it would have a flawless score but as it stands:

97% stonking great and well worth the download.

Get it here: http://www.avast.com/

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daily Blogg: New toys

Meet my shiny new ultra cheap Netbook disgo net browser 3000.
a snip at a paltry £99 (about $160-$190 US) my funky little friend here will be taking the workload off my laptop & desktop in the form of a much more affordable and expendable on the go method of both writing and uploading for work while i'm on assignment.

Now I know what your thinking "you have a perfectly good laptop that can do this and still lets you enjoy the full range of apps and games while your out in the real world", and thats the problem y'see. I know i am very easily destracted and having WoW and a myriad of movies at my finger tips tends to mean i rush my work so i can do something else like gaming or a movie or even the much misunderstood DTV dongle.
So in order to keep myself on track i splashed some cash on this little toy. Now the system is limited (at least until i install Linux on it) to Windows CE and with a tiny little 284MHz processor and a minuscule 64MB DDR RAM and using only a 2GB flash memory it means i have almost nothing to distract me bar the Internet itself.

Now i do have a 1GB DDR ram stick to go into it and i will soon be flashing Linus to it so it will get a bit of a boot in the bum as far as processing power go's but lets be honest this thing will never run WoW lol.

None the less it was well worth the small outlay and means i dont have to worry about my laptop being borrowed by the local constabulary during events or it taking damage and loosing everything as all my work is now held on 2 8GB flash drives that stay very much attached to my keys and lodged in my pocket or on my custom made USB Flash HD (see the how too archive for details on that) ready to be uploaded to work or to my home network when im finished.

If your looking for a new way to surf you really couldn't do better than this for the cash and combined with a 1 year warranty you wont worry to much about destroying or loosing it.
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