Sunday, May 2, 2010

Daily blogg: Halo Reach Beta 03/05/10

Its here its here its here!!!
The sixth (and possibly final) game in the Halo series is going to public Beta testing at one minute past midnight tonight (00.01 GMT) here in the UK.

Joining Nobel team as a replacement after combat inflicted losses to the Covenant forces you take part in the truly epic and much toted fall of the earth colony world "Reach".
Halo reach takes part essentially at the same moment as the opening scenes of the first Halo game (Halo: Combat evolved) in which the ship carrying the Master Chief breaks the blockade of incoming Covenant ships and makes a blind jump that leads him to the first Halo installation.

What Halo reach does is show us how the planet came to be under covenant attack and how Nobel team managed to get the cryogenically sealed Master chief out of enemy hands and up into orbit to the USNC ship Pillar of autumn so he can meet his date with destiny and save the whole damn galaxy.

The public Beta testing is for the prototype weapon and armor capability of the third generation Spartan super soldiers in player Vs Player combat as well as the testing for the newly modified elites and there 1st generation weapons and ships.


now if you will excuse me....

*Deep Breath*

...BETA BETA BETA BEAT !!!111!!!!ONE!!

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