Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daily Blogg: enough already!

I hate April not true i LOATH it.

Why? i hear you ask, well its this simple, this is the one day a year where my entire industry take upon themselves to act like total freaking morons.
I understand the tradition & i get the general "HAHA!" attitude but i mean come on folks im a serious journalist and being bombarded with idiotic "lol fooled you" style reviews and previews that continue to "fool" the local cattle long into the year with faked screenshots that keep getting sent to me bu sadly failing industry outsiders asking "er wasn't this supposed to be out by now?" style questions and requests that "i look into it pronto" and being unwilling to accept that they fell for a belated April Fools gag gone runaway is very frustrating and has in the past lost many a freelancer work because some idiot has claimed it as real and when refuted said freelancer is fired rather than make the in house writer look like an idiot.

so yea keep your jokes, stuff the hilarity, remove your water spitting flowers from lapels and put away your oh so hilarious fan fiction inspired review. Its not funny, some industry heads ARE really this stupid and do make our lives hell over these things because they have already asked for advertising space or worse already wrote and published something regarding your humourless fake, remember its poor working saps like myself that have to explain to there humourless ass that its all in good fun and not to be taken seriously.

rant over, take from this what you will...

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