Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daily Blogg: Doctor who's new series...

The new Doctor who series....I really have no other way to describe this so bare with me.

Tennant's Doctor was a very feminine character, his reactions to certain things implied real compassion and age in an established abet slightly campy world/universe. Through the series the world became more and more hardened and sharpened, life threatening situations genuinely seemed threatening and old enemy's came back with genuine purpose and a fairly dirty gritty world that still left some room for flamboyance and silliness. The 10th Doctor managed to make the show seem fantastic but still fairly real and as such when he said "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry" Tennant had the screen presence and acting ability to convey just how very old the Doctor really was and that he honestly was sorry about what clearly HAD to happen.

Smith on the other hand seems to be a cos-playing fanboy who has clearly read the scripts and attempted to study the previous incarnations and failed miserably to pick up on the fact that he is ALWAYS supposed to be smartest man in the room. why has he failed?
he too not in terms of age but simply the fact that he plays the character as a 20 something whereas the 9th and 10th clearly relished the fact that they were supposed to be an almost eternal entity with nearly unlimited experience and could step the very very fine line between "you cant win, nobody can because i know i simply wont let myself to loose" and a jovial but stern "I AM the Doctor" self importance that defines the character.

Tennant was hard metal and sharp angles, running for your life and realistic settings with fantastical enemy's that in the stark light of day still seemed imposing. He brough life and genuine affection to the character with an air of wisdom and self assurance one would expect from someone as old as the Doctor.

Smith on the other hand feels like a cheap knockoff with all the charm and wit of a used teabag that has been squeezed out and left in the sun for a week. His big chinned ands somewhat childish style comes over as smug rather than self assured and manages to leave us with only one question...

...where the hell is the Doctor and how the hell did you manage to steal his TARDIS?

sorry but spitfires in space and Go Go Dalek Rangers & Dalek bomb defused by the power of love reeks of the who mobile and celery in lapels bullshit that killed the franchise for so very very long before Eccleston and Tennant managed to turn him from a campy kids show into a real adult sci-fi drama.

Please BBC do us all a favour and kill the big chinned asshole off hop back to Petes world pick up the copied Tennant Doctor pass the regeneration's to him in another form of metacrisis and call it a freaking day.


DoveAlexa said...

I am so lost, which one was the bald one. If I know that I can figure everyone else out.

Aries said...

9th Doctor was Ecckelson (the bald one)

10th was Tennant (jittery head slapping one)

11th Smith (the huge chinned one)

hope this helps

DoveAlexa said...

Yes, and yes, the last 2 were great and this new one is... silly...