Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Blogg: Do you have a Zombie plan ready?

So its easter week, i have a question...

Q: What is christianity?

A: It is the belief that a two-
thousand-year-old jewish zombie
can make you live forever if
you symbolically eat his flesh
and telepathically tell him that
you accept him as your master,
so he can remove an evil force
from your soul that is present
in humanity because a rib-woman
was convinced by a talking snake
to eat an apple off a magical
tree in a wonderland.

[ If you judge me by this joke
and call me anti-Christianity or
what ever, you should really go
out more, look at the mirror at
times and adjust your world view.
Learn to laugh at yourself and
have some fun.

now if you will excuse me i must go check my emergency escape boat, shotgun, shells and chainsaw...

...Zombie Jesus is going DOWN!


Aries said...

chill guys before you flame im only trolling and you all know it :)

DoveAlexa said...

Who flamed?
They shall pay.

Oh and yes, I am back.

Aries said...


can ya tell im pleased?