Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Daily Blogg: Breathing a sigh of relief

So after a week of drunken shenanigans and stumbling sobriety and unfortunate flashbacks associated with the smell of second hand beer and body oder in close proximity.

None the less the bitter dawn and several days of kebab related intestinal distress has forced me to reevaluate my alcohol consumption...

...oh who the hell am i kidding im going for a beer this weekend to congratulate my friends Helen and Billy's engagement and with a little luck manage to stay sober enough to wish them well without slurring or making a fool out of them or myself.

Perhaps a little practice is in order, TAXI!! the coco cabana!


dinks said...

hey buddie hows things

dinks said...

slurrr away you know we dont mind and if we do who cares cause i will be slurring to lol