Friday, April 9, 2010

Daily Blogg: unrepentant and slightly repellent

So i started this week (easter holidays and all) on a bit of a downturn...

...i was a little down and as you all know misery LOVES company and i like rubbing religious types up the wrong way and thus my zombie Jesus theory of evangelism.

not sorry in the slightest for doing so as i think its funny as hell to make you all squirm.

Anyway back to this weeks project and the rebirth of "The Humming Cheese Mk2.5" also known as "what i can make out of my computer spare parts bin when im bored out of my skull".

The picture is NOT the new cheese by the way just a shot of my work though isnt it?

but it means i now have yet another back up mid range desktop if my comp decides to take a dump and combined with my external HD it means no matter what happens i can continue working....

...wait i may want to rethink this...

...knew i should built a robot.


DoveAlexa said...

We shall call it
"Return of the Cheese Case"?
how about
"Cheeseman Returns"?
"Cheese case resurrection"?
"Cheese case Mk2 electric boogaloo"?

Aries said...

for my own Gouda i should probibly not Leicester red into this too much...

...oh dairy dairy me that one was a real stinker.

maby i should just Cheeto and fromage not to make any more bad puns.

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