Saturday, September 22, 2007

A million little voices...


OK people, i think its about time we had a little chat...

I love vent i think its the best thing since beer came in six packs, but lately i noticed that more and more often "certain people" have no clue what there doing or worse no goddamn self control when in the company of there peers.

Now I'm not talking about the normal background level of insanity and humour (i find that both humorous and entertaining and wouldn't give it up for the world) what I'm talking about is those few of you that believe its your own personal radio station and that only your voice should the only one squeeking in our poor mutilated eardrums!

Now I'm not talking about dedicated Vent DJ's in there own channel....far from it....I'm talking about idiots and pre-pubescent morons that have set there mic up badly and pumped there output up to frankly deafening levels so that they are herd above everybody else so that people are forced to leave the channel (and sometimes Vent entirely) just so they can recover.

Now although Squeekers and dopey DJ's are one thing and in there own way reasonably tolerable there is one more type of vent user that should be taken out and shot in the face and that's SOUNDBOARD SPAMMERS! you people make me heave, stealing Vent info and downloading a cheap ass soundboard just so you can annoy and irritate regular gamers with bullshit noises and racist/sexist rubbish then when your muted log out and back in to reset the mute then continue your aural effluent until a nice chappy with Vent moderation IP banns your annoying ass.

Have a little consideration you asshats if you wanna DJ make a channel and post a comment concerning your intentions, as for Sound boarders....well i would like you to reach down into your pants take a firm grip and do the world a favour by pulling very very hard until you rip them right off you sodding WANKER! tell you what i got a better idea, go introduce nice Mr Fork to Ms Electrical outlet! then go play in the trafic.....goddamm twats.

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