Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Self advertising 101...

Ok today's blog entry is a little bit of self promoting, and some cool info for all the PSP users that read this blog. As many of you know i write for a wonderful little site know as PSPCrazy.com & GamingCrazy.net, where i have to say i have been a happy forum user and general thorn in the ass of the various moderators & admin (hi Bex & Stephy and all the rest of you lol) and am proud to say is one of the closest and most tight knit communities it has ever been my pleasure to be a part off.

This week i have (once again) managed to pull an exclusive outa my bum in the form of a review of Final fantasy Crisis Core and i hope that all of my readers will take a few mins to nip over to PSPC and take a quick read of my review of this frankly awe inspiring game.


If you feel like joining in the insanity or just coming in and enjoying the anime downloads and chats on all things game related or maby your looking for a place to just chill out and show off your GFX creations feel free to use the link and join in the fun!

Now that i have given Vahid a little free advertising maby he wont mind me linking people to my blog lol...

...yes I'm a sellout but dammit I'm too damn old to beat around the bush lol

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