Monday, September 24, 2007

New feature: How To!

Hack: UP Your Computer Speed To 5GHz - More amazing videos are a click away

This week sees the beginning of a new feature here at Aries Antics, I introduce to you our "How To" video guide.

Once a week i will offer up the best and brightest (or weirdest) technical hacks and modification's that the inter web has to offer!

this week: Super Cooled Processor!

Aries Antics does not claim responsibility for any and all damage potentially caused to your computer and/or home if you attempt to emulate the videos depicted in the "how to" feature. It is advised by the author that under no circumstances you attempt the depicted events without prior technical knowledge and full backups made for your computer. Hardware modifications should only be attempted with assistance form a suitably technically skilled adult or professional.

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