Friday, September 21, 2007

your a girl?...oh rly?

Now I know a LOT of female gamers, i KNOW they exist, I have played with them on boath private and retail MMORPG's for years, and thankfully with only a very scant few who have no clue what there doing.

I love the idea that female gamers can not only integrate and enjoy online gamers with impunity and even get a few helpful players give them a little boost due to there gender purely for the pleasure of there company.

WHAT I CAN NOT STAND! is the pervy bastards that play on the rarity of female gamers in order to attain free loot or assistance with the promise of a sexual encounter or worse a promise of a real life sexual encounter!

The simple fact is that "people" like this rely on the anonymity of the Internet and MMORPG's to solicit "phat lewt" and because of it male players of various ages then treat every single female player they meet from then on with ether a level of suspicion or distaste, in some cases demanding that they PROVE there female before even considering grouping or helping them.

I realize that many of you out there are pre-pubescent morons with an IQ comparable to a week dead goldfish but for f*cks sake girls are gamers too! not only gamers but people...real people with real feelings that pay exactly the same to play the damn game as you...THEY ARE NOT HERE FOR YOUR SEXUAL GRATIFICATION!!!

I'm not some liberal wishy washy gimp with some sort of "female empowerment" thing, i'm just a guy who appreciates a little diversity and has the brains to realize that people are people no matter there gender or race.

That said i really would like to see some of the more manipulative trans-gender players get truly hung on there machinations by a real hardcore girl gamer.


Additional: It has been noted by quite a few of my readers through personal e-mail's and forums that i have on occasion chosen to play with a female avatar in games, this may be true but i never hid my gender in order to gain any advantage and this is distinctly apparent on role playing servers. However I always make it clear during RP and to my guild that I am male and although i would be playing the character as a woman i would prefer to keep "online relationships" more on the friendship level unless all party's are aware of the situation. This has led to some truly .....interesting.... situations with both genders and in one case being approached by a totally random couple and asked "do you cyber?" ....i simply asked them if they realised i was a guy IRL and to my surprise seemed to sweeten the deal.

To David and Marie i will once again say thank you that was a truly "unique" night.

Rare cases of me dancing on mailboxes wearing a bra and panties in Goldshire while AFK and finding my inbox full of "donations of gratitude" are rare at best....... after all im not a hussy but a girls gotta eat.


Anonymous said...

I would like to second this opinion, I am a female gamer. But, scarcely am I approached with such offers such as "a cyber" session(of course as nonjoke). One thing that I hate is when men treat me like I'm in a wheel chair, though, I know that I may not be particularly the best as what I do, I am better than the main fraction and I would like to be treated the same as everyone else. And yes, one of those things that DISGUST me is when people tell me to prove that I'm a girl. And, it gets quite annoying when I constantly have to say, "I proved it to your mom last night, go ask her about me." But anyways, thank you for pointing out such a big issue in gaming.
<3 Ovaltina

Aries said...

happy to help out, i just hope this raises the bar a little with this issue. i mean were all gamers right?