Friday, September 21, 2007

Official expansion news (not rumours this time)

This morning i received my "Blizzard Media pack" on the "Wrath of the Lich King" expansion...

...TBH i feel a little dirty taking there info after "borrowing" the info i wanted for so long, but here go's.

WotLK expansion updates:
ok first up to bat is the new User Interface (UI) and the funky new voice chat options, sadly this is pretty much self explanatory and a bit crappy but I'm a good journalist so i will struggle on...
The rumoured loss of the "mouse turning option" has been officially squashed and the world may sigh in relief and those who perpetuated this evil and sick rumour should loose there rights to reproduce.

The voice chat is going to work on a team basis, basically only functioning fully when your in a party. HOWEVER there will be a "vox" between players of the same faction when within an acceptable distance and this will function alongside the current system, so expect barrens style squeaking in every major!

Lastly we have the "DeathKnight" & "DemonHunter" test beds, although officially a glitching error so called "Warriordins" and "FireRogues" are showing up more and more often on retail servers essentially functioning as Beta Tests among players of these classes for the expansion, let me explain these twists on the classic classes that some "people" are using to get the "feel " of the expansion here and now...


The Warriordins are basically Retribution class Paladins in socketable Warrior gear and a big phat 2 hand sword or axe. The warrior gear may seriously Nerf there mana but that is compensated for with +mana regen gems. Utilising only self buffs and a heavy mix of combat orientated enchants these wannabes have got a few screws loose but with a weapon equipped with unholy or lifesteal and the huge armour and attack value of the warrior gear means that although these guys are faking the upcoming class...there still kinda tough!


The Rogue class has always been over powered but utilising a very powerful enchant (that i wont mention by name) and +fire damage enchants and gear (usually warlock) with a load of +crit gems and and fire power potions we end up with a magic using rogue that can hit consistently for 800-2000 damage per hit. But then again the idea of a magic using rogue is nothing new for us lore whores...sounds like a demon hunter to me and with the various Illidan drops available we have some depressingly powerful very convincing demon hunters that are more than capable of holding there own despite the cloth gear.

and that's it folks, that's all i got for now but this weekend I'm opening up the rumour mill and I may even show you my own Beta hybrids!...stay tuned

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