Wednesday, September 19, 2007

These times they are a changin'

Well at least some things stay the same...

or do they?

Not so much at Dominion WoW, due to hosting issues (the issue being our host is a dickwad) we have been forced into a full reset and host switch.

yes it bites the big one and yes no there's not a damn thing we can do about it. None the less those who donated will get there gear back on both our new "Blizz like" server as well as a full character restore and don't worry we arn't forgetting our beloved "Funserver" donators who as always have our dedicated and insane GM's and Admin staff to rely upon in times of crisis however your gonna have to rebuild your "toon" yourself were only doing donator gear and weapon restores there.

That's pretty much it folks, details on the new IP for your realmlist can be found on the Dominion website and as always the forums are open, but if you fancy something a little more responsive to your needs i would suggest getting on ventrillo and actually talking to some of our knowledgeable and friendly staff and members who are always happy to help...and call you a noob...and mock you....and laugh.....

Just kidding we love new members and are always happy to have you on our server...just please remember "push to talk" is your doesn't bite...

Dominion wow:

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