Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tempest keep under seige...

Earlier today on Dominion WoW The Admins and GM staff implemented customised Tier 7 gear into the server and created a drop zone within the Tempest Keep Raid instance. The theory was sound, only those within a group of skilled adventures could penetrate the defences and hope to acquire the incredible Tier 7 gear. This would limit the spread of the armour and encourage PVE combat within the server...

...alas this was not to be and despite the GM and Admin staff's constant and continued requests that raid groups wait to be summoned to the gates of the keep by the server staff and instead prepare themselves by making potions and enchanting there gear this humble request was denied. Instead of having a little self restraint the various frat boys and kiddies of the server pestered the GM's with demands of gear and requests to be summoned and whats worse camped the gates of the keep And PVP'D the server into a disconnecting death time and time again until the GM's were forced to shut the keep until further notice forever trapping the Tier 7 gear within.

This has not however stopped some of the more persistent of the idiots, with the determination of a selfish children after being told not too many have exploited the various lagg and death buggs within (all) servers to access the now locked down keep.

In short this has resulted in the Admin staff being forced to upgrade there server & equipment in order to cope with these campers and exploiters using donator funds and money from there own pockets.

so what does this mean? well basically the server needs to upgrade, so this week at some stage (probably Saturday) the server will go down and we will all be modding our WTF files yet again, fortunately it appears (at present) we will be able to retain our characters but this has yet to be confirmed.

until then...KEEP OUT OF TEMPEST KEEP!!!

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