Thursday, September 20, 2007

OMGWTFBBQ!!! Fu*king Idiot moterists!!!

Today i had i dit of an incident, i was passing by my local ASDA (wallmart's name here in the UK) and as i grabbed a little cash from the ATM when I herd a scream of breaks and seen a bunch of high school kiddies running for there lives, that is to say i say MOST of them running.

One of the kids was run over pretty bad, so being a decent bloke i "ran" over to see what i could do, as i got there several things happened at once, the driver put hi/her/it's foot down and barreled out of the car park at stupidly high speed, two ASDA guards came out with cell phones and radios and were chattering like apes while this poor kid went into shock in front of me.

As a few of you know I'm an ex soldier and still pretty up to speed with basic field medic training and First aid, and so i took it upon myself to try and make this poor kid comfortable.
It was 20 Min's before an ambulance showed up to take the kid to hospital, when the paramedics asked me i explained what i had done to make the kid comfortable and gave a very basic run down of what happened and injuries i had observed, soon after i gave a police statement and went and got cleaned up.

Now some of you may think this is just me patting myself on my ass but you would be sadly wrong... no this is an all out rant in pure unbridled anger and barley restrained rage at the ignorance of idiot drivers near school's and school routes. I no longer drive due to another idiot without a licence in a stolen car turning me into roadkill a few years ago i lamented my own pain and comforted myself that at the very least trained and licenced drivers would never be that stupid...

...i can see now that ignorance is bliss, but the very idea that this "child" could have been crippled for life by a licenced driver who then RAN LIKE A FU*KING COWARD! just drives me nuts! whats worse I cant even think of a good way to vent my anger and frustration over this other than through my medium of choice.

Bas*ards like that should not only loose there licences permanently and have there rights to reproduce removed violently.

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