Saturday, December 12, 2009

...and thats when I found out all female trolls are double jointed and have almost no real gag reflex, rather fascinating really.

Day 5: A shaman in wolfs clothing

Leaving the confines of the Burning blades sinister clutches I made my final report to the Warchief, With there leaders gone and with no real links to ether the Legion itself or the sinister Shadow council the Buring Blade fell to ruin.
The Warchief seemed well pleased by my actions and granted me a true mark of honour by bestowing on me the Hammer of Orgrimmar and instructing his shaman traiers to teach me the ancient gift of the Frostwolf clan...

...the ability to transform myself into a being of pure spiritual energy and mold it to the clans totem, the eternal Frost wolf.

There are however some issues with being in that form for any length of time that may explain why we Shaman despite our comune with the elements are not particularly welcome in Winterspring...

...wisps are just so much fun to chase!


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