Monday, December 14, 2009

A peons Journey: Dreaming in green

Day 6: Lost to a dream

I will be frank when i say i was far from happy to be venturing into the slumbering feral depths of the Wailing caverns, even less so in finding out that to perform this task i would be forced to group up with random strangers whose intentions seemed only to pillage this place of reflective slumber and feral druidism.
Regardless with the warped heads of the druid order put to rest and the beast within defeated i made my way back to Orgrimmar proud in the knowledge that i had fulfilled my duty to the best of my ability.
As i entered the city i was approached by a guard with a loosely bound letter from the local riding instructor who was apparently having some difficulty with one of his adolescent pups.
Seeing such a magnificent beast for the first time was nothing short of love at first sight but i became instantly aware of the poor creatures turmoil.
The emerald glow in his eyes signified Fel magic contamination somewhat similar to that of the eyes Blood Elfs and our own green skin, i had no choice i had to have him as my mount from that moment on.
Paying the riding instructor and stable master a nominal fee i took possession of the Dire Wolf who i have taken to calling Ash due to the remarkable colouration of his fur, for his first taste of freedom.

He is as swift as the wind and seems to have taken quite a liking to my core hound pup...

...i pray to the spirits of our ancestors that it is simply the pups playful nature and not anything else as cross breeding would be more than a little difficult to deal with especially when you consider both animals are male.

oh not again! ASH NO! BAD WOLF!!!

*yelp of pain*

see..i told you...i'll go get the burn salve...silly pup


DoveAlexa said...


Anyways, I thought you got every race in every class already? Just wanna do it again I take it, good stories though.

Aries said...

s'ok i got it. gotta find a way to get around the bots variable IP

Aries said...

To be honest though although i have had every class to 60 i have yet to roll on a US server since the very very early days.

this seemed like a good excuse to stretch my creative muscles and role play a class/race appropriate toon and keep a role played diary in the process.

its also an excuse to join a world record breaking guild AIE

DoveAlexa said...

Aaaaaaawesome ;D

So I guess having played EVERY character to -- 60 at least -- you pretty much know wow inside and out?
Got any revelations for us?

Aries said...

sure ill bite:

#1. play for your own entertainment not so other people can see end game content.
#2. a good guild can make or break the game for you, find a good one.

#3. there is NO wrong way to play the game, enjoy your class and race and play it the way you want to.

#4. RP can be fun and add massive depth and re-playability to the game.

thats pretty much it, i really should do a comprehensive list at some stage but thats the basics.

DoveAlexa said...

That would be awesome, yes.

I never had a guild the first time I played, I ended up quitting after 3 months out of being bored to tears. Though I honestly don't think anything would have prevented that.