Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Peons Journey: New feature

Ok new feature time.

As of today i have left my old server Surafang (EU) behind and set my sights on the sunny shores of Earthen Ring (US) in order to level a shammy and hopefully join the world record breaking guild A.I.E (

A peons Journey is an exercise in Role Play and will almost entirely be in character from the perspective of my Orc Shaman Ariies.
This feature will be erratic at best but i hope you enjoy it. ok here we go...

Day One: A journey begins

I write this journal in hopes that my words will someday free the imaginations of those who follow in my wake down the difficult and dangerous path known as the way of the elements. We shaman must take our cues from the land itself wield that power with wisdom and courage and balance that which is unjust or corrupt with our every deed. I swear by the clan of my fathers i will do so with the dignity it deserves FOR THE HORDE!

...however i have found that wearing leather in the Durodar heat can cause some unfortunate chafing, i shall speak with my elders and see if they have a solution for this most embarrassing problem.

~Ariies of the Frostwolf clan


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Anonymous said...

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