Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daily Blogg: Pre Crimbo Clean up

First Sunday of the month prior to Christmas means massive clean and tidy up day for me.
Not really that much fun but there comes a time when every nook and cranny must be scrubbed all the tat i have accumulated since spring must be thrown away or given to charity.

fun and games im sure you would agree but every now and then i come across something that i really though i had thrown away/lost/broken etc. and to my surprise is still usable or could be useful to me in some way.

Thus far during my clean up i have found:

* My old ipod nano
* The Driver CD's for my old laptop
* My old wallet (with £5 UK and $20 Canadian in the back of it)
* My Gameboy advance & games
* A pack of 40 AA battery's
* The car adaptor for my Mini Fridge
* 3 generic USB sticks
* 2 USB MP3 players (no idea where they came from)
* about £12 in copper coins and other loose change
* the spare battery & sim card from my old Nokia
* and pens of every colour shape and variety you could think of.

This is not to mention the things i was actually looking for such as old school books and demo discs and media discs from old reviews, a few USB extension cables and some previously lost PSP games and memory stick's.

All in all not a bad clean up and its only mid day. I haven't even begun to clean out my computer parts case and shelfs so who knows what treasures i may yet find.

oh well better get back to it, later folks!


DoveAlexa said...

Jesus that's a lot of stuff! "Since Spring" My ass! Sounds like you haven't cleaned up since you moved in!

Also: when were you in Canada?

And I wish I had all that stuff, not including the stuff you know you have.

Aries said...

but...but..i moved in during the spring!
and i was in Canada about a 5 years ago visiting family...oddly im now wondering how the hell that wallet made it into my boxes during the move without me noticing.

on that note however i also found my old mic and USB webcam too.


DoveAlexa said...

Time to make a voice log! You haven't done that since 2 Christmases ago (when you got drunk and became a priest)

Aries said...

oooh yes, a message featuring my dulsed tones will be forthcoming in the very near future as well as my AA Christmas message