Friday, December 11, 2009

A peons Journey: A pup named Corey

Day 3: Adapted to Adoption

A shaman is asked to do many things that others would deem offensive or even undignified, such as laying out the dead, resurrections, conversing with the sick and the sick of mind.
I had not however prepared myself to fulfil my duty to the Horde in the way my Warchief had requested.
I was asked to steal, lie, and infiltrate my way into the seedy underbelly of a cult known as the Burning Blade. The Demon worshipping filth have secreted themselves in the caverns surrounding and under the city of Orgrimmar in the Rage fire Chasm, it was my job, my duty to find my way into the confidence of these cultists and seek out there leaders...

...and destroy them.

Donning the garb of the cult and acquiring a token of membership of there order was surprisingly easy but portraying myself as a Warlock proved harder. All Warlocks no matter there rank have with them a demonic minion of great power linking there will to that of the Burning Legion, i am a skilled magic user and my gifts lend well to passing as one of them but my lack of familiar would mark me apart quite distinctly.
To better conceal myself I found myself seeking out the famed pet vendor known as Breanni.
After negotiations and validation of my intent and a letter of authentication she sent me her most demonic looking pet a core hound pup known simply as Corey.
The young animal suits his assigned role well and is surprisingly friendly despite his rather vicious appearance and thanks to his acceptance of me as his master I found infiltrating the Burning Blade exceptionally easy.

I have however encountered one rather unfortunate problem that Breanni failed to inform me of...

...Core Hound poop tends to be a tad toxic, and molten, and er...well...i may not be able to return to several Inn's in Orgrimmar due to scorched floorboards & bed linen.

also several scorched and terrified cats, mounts and local guards in the city centre may be my fault...

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