Thursday, December 10, 2009

A peons Journey: Trolls and Tribulations

Day 2: Trolls and Tribulations

I have completed my basic training in the arts of my forefathers, i now wield the power of the earth herself. With the elements at my side and an earth totem at my feet I have been tasked to travel to the makeshift home of the Darkspear Trolls a place by the coast in southern Durotar called Sen'jin village.
It seems they are having some trouble with some of there more barbaric cousins to the south and a property dispute with some centaur to the west, it seems it is time for some totemic diplomacy... so far as that if they choose to be undiplomatic I will be forced to insert my totem in there nether regions violently with my hammer.

I cant help but think that some of the villagers may be taking advantage of my good nature, i mean i understand that there having difficulty but asking me to go fishing for them is a bit beyond what i am willing to stoop to...

...pity about all the damn tigers attempting to eat me.

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