Saturday, October 6, 2007

Frankly awsome Machima: So Sick

I couldn't pass this by as frankly its one of the best Machima music videos it has ever been my joy to have behold. Please sit back relax and enjoy BaronSoondons machima version of the Resident Evil soundtrack "So Sick" and revel at its awesomeness.

I know theres been a hell of a lot of videos this weekend and frankly i have no intention of changing this as its a bit of a change to listing to me muttering on and on over and over again about frankly useless gubbins when you could be enjoying some stonking machima. BTW Xbox and PC gamers may notice some less than subtle but still amazing refrences to Bioshock in the video...and for that alone this should win some sort of prize.

(oh i had to cut down the video size to fit on the blog if you want to see it in glorious widscreen ether click on the "expand" button or go to'm-So-Sick
and enjoy the video as it was intended to be viewed)

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