Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wow that some tasty free RAM!

Now as many of you know I'm something of a gamer...

...and as many more of you know I'm cheap...very cheap....I LOATH upgrading my computer its expensive and frustrating at the best of times and tends to lead to unfortunate cases of broken components, but even worse you sometimes have to compromise about space. Fortunately this funky little programme allows you to clean and optimise your RAM in a simple one click system.

To be honest i just finished re-uploading this for a guy i met earlier today in my home town and while I was on PSPCrazy adding this new link i though why not give access to all you lot too.

so be like me be cheap and free and download this little toy today before the Powers that be decide to kill it again.

Download at MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Name: hauer
Key : 9034728194368

Now a little word of warning certain firewalls *cough* Mcafee *cough* will see this as a PUG (potentially unwanted programme) basically ignore it, Macafee hates everybody.

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