Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rumour Mill: ...yet another Patch!

This week has been a truly "fun" time for all us World of warcraft players, as for why well this week Blizz decided to unleash not one but two patches for us to download.

The first patch (2.2.0) was implemented in order for Blizz to introduce there "voice communication" interface so that squeekers and frat boys around the world can once again destroy our eardrums and assault the English language on a global scale without the constant monitoring of inter guild ventrillo/teamspeak moderators. So what does this mean for us the common gamer? Well imagine if you will a random Pick up group (PUG) with the equivalent of its own Ventrillo/Teamspeak server but without a guild master monitoring the language and moderating the out of game/character chat!....

....yes i know....believe me i know.....and it scares the hell out of me too....
I have to wish Blizz the very very best of luck with this...there gonna need it.

Now onto the second patch (2.2.2) which appears to be nothing other than a content patch so they can introduce a new in game holiday (BeerFest) and a few new toys specifically designed for the holiday including the much hyped "Racing Ram" a new 150% speed epic mount for those taking part in the various activities and races. I'll be honest the idea that Blizz are encouraging drunken binges and high speed racing as a public event realy doesn't appeal but i gotta give props to Blizz for having the balls to re-invent "Drunken mount Racing" as an in game event but i have to wonder exactly where there moral and social compass is pointing!

Now onto this weeks rumour, basically with all this new voice chat Blizz will be introducing new voice filters for there in game system (in yet another new patch) in order to "stop younger gamers from being removed from groups based on there age" and "to stop female gamers form being directly verbally abused due to there gender" oh great its going to be XBOX live all over again...*sigh* domo aragato Mr Roboto...

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