Wednesday, October 3, 2007

God of the Interweb Focus:

As some of you may have noticed this blog has a little section for links i call "Gods of the interweb" where i link you lot to some of my own personal favourite websites.

With that in mind i will on occasion add a new link to this oh so elitist little link space on my page, when this happens i will be doing a post like this so you can see what is new and why i have added it.

Before i start this post properly i will point out that i am probably going to be a tad biased toward AnimeCrazy the latest project from the guys and girls responsible for & Now for those of you wondering why this is such a huge deal all i have to say is GO VISIT THE DAMN SITE! as for why well thats easy offers up a frankly HUGE library of anime in a ready to use format utilizing a number of different video systems such as Viho and Googlevideo to distribute only the best quality Anime for free in a ready to use catalogued and accessible system that to date i have never seen matched in such a professional format. Add to this a well established and friendly forum where you can discuss the latest plot twists and awesome fight scenes with like minded and friendly people and you have one hell of a website. Oh and before i get a lot of "isn't that illegal" comments i would like to point out that there are no restrictions on distributing Anime and animated products form Asia anywhere in the west, so just chill sit back and revel in the Japanese tastyness....mmm anime...tastes like yummyness.

(yes its a shamless plug for a friend but everything i said stands)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Aries :) Reading this makes me remember the fun we had on PSPCrazy :)

Currently I'm trying to disassociate my last name with anicrazy. Can you remove my name from the article? Seems like the anime companies are pissed lol, and they're coming to attack soon.

Then remove my comment too :) Thanks bro! Looks like your still having fun with WOW, can't believe someone would play a game so long, but it just goes to show how much of a drug that game is lol.

Aries said...

done and done sir, yuor interweb anonymity is secure

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