Monday, October 8, 2007

Daily Blog: illness crits Aries for 100k

Im realy not feeling well today, i appear to have a chest infection (no idea where the hell i got it from) and i've lost my voice...

...ok you can stop bloody cheering now...

...none the less the normal features of the week will carry on regardless thanks to the wonderfull programme known as "auto update".

As for me.... i feel like a couple of hundred pounds of shit flavored lard so im of to crawl into bed untill some form of humanity comes back.

see ya later!


QueenB said...

Get out of bed you lazy sod and stop whinging!!! :D. Just kidding *huggles for aries* hope you feel better soon. Come and talk to us when you do :).

We love you aries!!

From the girls and boys (:P) at GirlGamers!

Aries said...

aww thanks your a sweetie...but you are right i realy do need to crawl out of bed and do somrthing...even if its only fall over

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