Thursday, September 6, 2007

Renegade no more.

Lady and gentlemen i have sad news, Renegade WoW is no more, it is dead as the dodo, as for why well i could tell you but that would spoil the fun...
Baicly though certain "internal problems" and "difficulties" concerning donations and in game items has caused a rift between the previous realm management and his GM staff which has caused the fall of this once great private server.

Fortunitly this is not the end as the staff have formed there own new and improved server in the form of DominionWoW where all our favorite mad GM's will reside and continue there good work. So where does this leave the poor donators? well im sorry but your cash is gone...where has it gone you ask? well i'll cover that later when we will have an interview with some of the high end donators (some of which donated in excess of $700 US) and former GM's of RenegadeWoW.

Untill then those of you that want your WoW fix can join the GM's and former members on Dominion by following the provided link address:

more info on this later.

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