Thursday, September 6, 2007

Renegade no more: Interviews and updates

Ok i've kept you waiting long enough, now after "iphone" a few people and they "donate" some of there time we can get on with the interviews with the former staff and users of this now dead and reincarnated server. Our first interview will be with one of the most popular GM's of RenegadeWoW and now one of the Admins on DominionWoW...

Aries: so Longfoot whats going on with renegade wow?

Longfoot: we had some problems, basicly Loomus (our Admin) chose to spend donator cash on personal "toys" and subscriptions on various sites. including an new iphone, in all honesty that was the end for me..

Aries: so how did you find out this was happening?

Longfoot: well basically he was bragging about it in our Ventrillo server but before i could alt tab out to record it he logged off.

Aries: well what does the future hold for you and the other GM's?

Longfoot: We have all moved to Dominion Wow where i'll be an admin along with all the other GM's where we will continue to offer the same great service as we always have and offer only the best events and server uptime as ever for free.

Aries: well thank you longfoot i look forward to seeing you ingame and thanks for the interview.

But Longfoot wasnt the only one with Something to say... another interview to be uploaded in a moment, keep refreshing your browser.

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