Thursday, September 6, 2007

Renegade no more: Interviews and updates (part2)

Ok so we got Longfoots take on the subject but as i said it wasn't just the GM's that were effected now was it?

We now have an interview with Slashtheory a long term and known member of Renegade wow who witnessed the fall of this server and has an interesting take on the subject, but i'll let the guy speak for himself:

Aries: so you witnessed the fall of RenegadeWoW, whats your take on the death of this once great server?

Slashtheory: it WAS a really great server but i herd why it was going down and well most of my friends were donators and it was wrong that a corrupt owner can take funds donated in good faith for the upkeep of the server and spend it on himself. I have nothing against age, but younger people i know tend to be more stubborn and more self centered, i know because I was the same way :)

Thanks for that slash. ok one more interview to go , keep refreshing

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