Thursday, September 6, 2007

Renegade no more: Interviews and updates (part3)

<---loomus, (ya rly) avoid if possable, i mean lotion kleenex and a scared!

the interviews will continue this is the last update for a couple of hours (until i get more info) and this is a biggie, Exile was one of the founding GM's on the Rebel server (the forerunner to Renegade) and was very happy to give the following interview:

Aries: you were a GM on renegade for quite some time, how did this effect you ?

Exile: well, renegade was a great server it all started with Rebel and everything was nice, but loomus started to act like a child, i realise he's only 15 but he's really immature, so i think us leaving and the server flailing is what he deserves.

Aries: and how do you feel on what happened to the donors?

Exile: The first thing i will say is that i don't know if "donating" the way he did it is legal or not, i realise that spending donor money on himself was childish and i believe that the donors should contact him on getting there money back because i think its clear that the money was not spent on upkeep or upgrades to the renegade structure.

Aries: if you could say one thing to loomus right now what would it be?

Exile: lol are bad words allowed?

Aries: keep it PG13

Longfoot: Your mom should have swallowed when she had the chance


Exile: well I would tell him to slow his decisions down well 'cause they damaged hundreds of donators that probably won't get their money back. and now THROW AWAY THAT IPHONE!

well i think that says it all...or does it? more info later


enjoisingle said...

Wow Loomus is a noob.

Aries said...

yes...yes he is lol

Aries said...

but in all honesty it was the theft of the cash that killed me...and is in all probibility what is gonna kill him...metaphoricly *cough*

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