Friday, September 7, 2007

Rumour mill (stranger than fiction!)

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Druid "WTF" forms!

Lady's and gents, proving fact is always stranger than fiction (and that comic artists all have crystal balls) i have yet another wonderful rumour from the mill!

If you haven't got the gag yet it appears that Druids (or to be precise "Arch Druids" or "Defenders of the Forest" & "Defenders of the Plains") may be getting a few more shape shifting forms...
Now if the ones parodied in the wonderful Manic Graffiti web comic come to pass or not new twists on the old tried and tested Druid abilities are shure to be utilised in the upcoming expansion, Its only a matter of time before the "class eliminator" strikes again and everybody cries over the "IMBA Droodz" taking there raid places again...only time will tell.

BTW don't forget to check out the wonderful Manic Graffiti web comic and enjoy the wonderful art and parody at:


Anonymous said...

cool cool but have you any idea what the new forms will be? will it be like that comic? possom form would OWN

Aries said...

oh hi thanks for the comment.

At the moment the only real rumour based on the form type is a new and improved tree form called "Ancient Guardian" form that will make you appear like a miniturised form of the Darnassus guards with a few Treant minions to command for an extendend time....that is it im afraid...but there bound to introduce more