Monday, October 8, 2007

Rumour Mill: 2.3.0 Engineer flying mounts

Gotta love test realms, you find the coolest stuff and this should be a HUGE reason for many people to reconsider relearning there engineering skill in the near future.

Engineers have long been looked down there noses at buy the various more "combat orientated" trade skills such as Blacksmithing like some deformed and retarded relative only good for Gnomes and Hunters or people with some weird fetish for being blown up, but with the advent of patch 2.3.0 (coming soon) in the run up to WotLK we will see those scant few with the much under appreciated 400 engineering skill (both Gnomish & Goblin) will have access to this questable recipie and with a few days of grinding have there very own plane to fly about in!


Once you have acquired these much coveted item you can then use your faction engineering skill to "improve" it into an epic mount! Rumours of the Goblin version having huge rocket engine's has as yet to be confirmed but its only a matter of time before we see every Gnome in Azeroth re rolling there traditional race trade skill and cluttering up the Sky's with hunks of smoking machinery...

...dammit i knew giving them parachute cloaks was a bad idea...

(goddam stupid auto update posted this too early....oh well its fixed now)

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