Saturday, October 13, 2007

Movie Night: illegal Danish (Trailer for part 2)

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Dammit Myndflame, we have been waiting for a VERY long time for the second part of this and once more despite assurances that it would be here sometime this weekend we are once again left hanging.

The last update we got was on September 6th and they had this to say:

There's a lot of inquiries asking how the progress of Escape from Orgrimmar is, and one of our members recommended posting blog updates, so here it is! I will be posting a 2-week notice once the video is finalized with a release countdown. Why? Because once the video is done there are a lot of preperations we need to make to make sure the links stay alive as well as insert all the fan and sponsor images. We'd like to make sure that everybody who has contributed is properly credited, and with DivX removing popular videos frequently, we're looking at alternatives for a high quality stream.

So despite everything were still waiting...dammit...oh well enjoy the trailer guys and i'll update and post the 2nd part of this*sigh*

I mean after all....its only a YEAR LATE!!!

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