Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How To: Free WIFI Booster

WIFI Antenna Hack! - Click here for more free videos

OK so many of you have already watched this vid and thought "WTF! your kidding right?" but no I'm serious this not only works but works so damn well that given the simplicity of this modification ($5-6 or £2-4) its almost criminal not to use it.

Now a few more of the less technically minded of you are screaming "I DON'T WANT TO BREAK MY ROUTER!" but you still want a decent WIFI boost? well then why not try this video then?

Free* WIFI Booster - Watch more amazing videos here

So there you have it, by following BOTH these guides i have managed to achieve a massive 70% signal boost to my WIFI and can now comfortably play games such as Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft from the former maximum range of my little router with a minimum of three bars! I have to admit that i wish i had found this earlier in the year so i could have enjoyed surfing in the garden without constraints. None the less my little £19.99 ($40.00) router now consistently out shines even top of the range routers...

...Don't get me wrong it looks dumb as hell until you re-spray but its not bad for a drinking straw and a bit of tin foil eh?

*Free is by definition takeing into account that you have at least some technical expertise and are not a ham fisted troll with the dexterity of a manatee thet will destroy any electronic device you happen to touch.

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