Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jack Thomson Jack's Off Judge & Jury!...

Ok the title doesn't realy do this justice, y'see our dear dickhead the good Mr Thomson has done it again and this time it looks like his career is FINALY over.

Mr Jack Thomson is probably best known for his frequent game and game industry bashing has managed to shove his head so far up his own ass that this time it may be permanently stuck.

As some of you may already know Jack is already facing professional misconduct charges but i think he may be looking at jail time as well as loosing his licence to practice law! as for why?

Well earlier this week he outraged a U.S. District Court judge by including images of men having sex in a document filed with the court in an attempt to "persuade" the judge to rule in his favour over his openly gay opposition Mr Norm Kent.
Mr Kent who owns and runs the website "National Gay News" was criticized by Thomson for “distribution of hardcore porn to anyone of any age.” Not content to make that alleged point in writing, Thompson attached several gay porn pictures to his motion with Judge Jordan.

Suffused to say the heterosexual Judge Jordan was somewhat shocked by this whats worse is the pictures apparently do not come directly from the National Gay News site, but rather are contained on sites linked from NGN’s adult links section. In any case, His Honor was not amused and began procedures regarding a complaint against Thomson as soon as was possable.

In all honesty I just want to see this idiot Thomson kicked from the bar as soon as possable in the most humiliating manner possable and to be frank i cant think of a better way than this, None the less gamers across the world can breath a sigh of relief and thank gay porn and its enthusiastic actors for FINALY getting rid of this moron...

...although we realy should thank Mr Jack "no honestly your honor you don't understand" Thomson, after all it takes a special kind of moron to attempt to pimp out a Judge with porno.
Hopefully some nice chap(s) will teach you how to lube up when you drop the soap during your prison on second thoughts I realy hope they don't.

After all its about time he got whats coming to him, because of his bull sh*t gamers of all ages have been taking it up the arse sans lube from the justice system and media industry for years, i just pray that KY jelly is banned whatever jail hes shoved into Then maby just maby his interaction with violent criminal's that HAVEN'T played video games will persuade him that gaming is not the be all and end all of all evil.

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