Friday, September 28, 2007

New kid on the block...

This week i was made a < GM > (game master) on Dominion WoW and I have to admit that although I'm really enjoying it I gotta say that GOOD GRIEF, SOME OF THE TICKETS YOU MAKE!!! I mean seriously would you like me to wipe your arse too?

Now I don't want to be nasty about this but honestly we offer you a server that has everything and still you want more...

...frankly i don't blame you. When you have it all you can't help but desire more, and i for one am happy to help. But can I as one little thing? Please guys at least try to fix it yourself before you bitch at us poor GM's.

None the less it is great fun and i really have to thank Longfoot and Deej (and all the others) for giving me a shot at this and i will do my very very best to not kill everyone on your server one after another for stupid questions and single word/statement tickets.

Now Lady's and gents lets go kick ass!
and for those of you not yet on Dominion WoW


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