Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A word on how this Blogg works

in a lame attempt to NOT become an ex blogger overnight im attempting to at least try to write somthing new every day....this will in all probibility fail miserably but none the less i usualy have something to say and so here we go:

Today (as the second day of my blog) I though i should explain how this is going to work and explain some of my features and how it will change on a (hopefully) weekly basis.


firstly look right, you should see some of my unusual artwork, this will be changed reasonably regularly...gee arnt you lucky...

now i have to admit that i wont be changing the archive (as its self fixing) nor will i be changing my profile (as it causes confusion) but below that you will find some of my fave links to frankly some of the most usefull and frankly cool websites on the web, as i find more they will be posted here!

below that you should find the weekly gaming news, i will be making comments on these events from my own somewhat unusual perspective in the future...

now for the fun part, the videos!!! Oxhorn is without a doubt one of the funniest and best machima artists in the world and i feel privaliged to have him on my blogg, now below that you will find the weekly music selection mutable music that i have picked and enjoyed through the week and wish to share with my readers... and thats it (kinda) the last thing apart from the blog's main posts and there links is my publishing information a very short piece that at least in theory will give me some level of legal ambiguety and recourse if somr bastich shold decide to steal my work....well thats it enjoy...

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