Monday, June 18, 2007


Well here we go, this will be the first proper post with something to say...ok who the hell am i kidding?

well if you can tear your eyes away from my hansome visage for a moment (yes i know im pretty...*ahem*) i'll get on with the blogg...

As you may be aware this is my first proper blogg and athough i have a lot to say i have a suprising a amount of commitments that i have to continue to adhear too this means sadly that this blogg may be somewhat .... erratic but fear not i will continue to make with the funny and informitive banter and my usual nitpicking that those that have followed my work in the past know me oh so well for, i will also be bring you the best and brightest in terms of rumours from my friends in the games industry and most notably form Vhaid's team at PSPC/GamingCrazy from which i will be stealing all sorts of titbits and fun things.

well i think thats enough for today... more crap tomorrow.

oh and for the naysayers, no this will not be your usual 'diary' just not that open

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