Saturday, June 23, 2007

luv for a little loc

A recent post on the US forums that was repost on the UK forums and out of respect i will repost here has shown me just how high and low certain members of the WoW community have achieved due to the animosity of the internet...but that rant is for later for now open your heart for the loss of a fellow player and a child:

[origional post by TanortheWarlock] to start? By getting to the point i nephew who is 7 years old pasted away today. As i sit the tears have already started to roll. But i wanted to tell you of his lvl 11 gnome warlock on my account,also on my sever.
He has spent 4 days 7 hrs and some change playing. Alot of time to be only lvl 11 huh? Well, the first day we played he wanted to make a toon like mine but he wanted his to be "little like him,so he made a gnome. And i was all over him the first few hours...with,"no go over here"" no, you want to wear those pants they are better than yours" " "no, the deer dont give you experence" "why are you going to kill those lvl 3 kobalds again?"
To which many of his answers where, " i like hearing those guys say "you no take candle" to which he would squeel. As for the pants he just didnt like them,he kept his pants he got in the begining. Said they were his lucky pants. He said his imp liked eating the deer,to which i would be like "no...they dont eat the deer".He would see how long it took him to get thru that cave of kobalds over and over and over again.
After all my "advice" and suggestion on "spell rotations" and how to use his imp effectivly, he told me that a game should be fun and everything i told him was confusing and made his head hurt.
From that day foward i let him do whatever he wanted as long as he wanted to. He loved killing kobalds, running around trees, killing cows, and playing his lock the way he wanted to,even if uncle "tanor" didnt think it was "efficient".
He loved coming over and playing,I gave up many a kara spot so he could do his speed runs on the cave of kobalds. Becuse when it all came down to it those epics were just purple pixels on a screen and my nephews smile will forever be in my memory and the squeel when the kobald would say"you no take my candle".
So I have taken his lock(at lvl 11 now and forever) and parked him on a hill looking out at the starting valley in northshire.
So to my little warlock,my nephew, my little buddy, who loved his uncle as much as his uncle loved him you will always be in my heart and that smile will always be with me.


Now im not going to say anything other than when i read this my heart breaks... but to those individuals on the official WoW forums that trolled the poor boys thread i say:

you are the worst form of vermin, and sinse this is my blogg and i dont have to hold bac i hope you all burn for an eternity in the pits of hell and your familys are taken in the most brutal and violant way untill the day you grow some level of pity for somone else, you people are scum... pure unadultarated scum...

follow the link for details on why im so angry:

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