Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Too: Box clever

Well its time for my Christmas how to run down and this week its all about packaging.

I always have a hard time when it comes to packaging small gifts such as USB sticks, jewelry, small toys or gadgets etc.
then i came across this wonderful little piece of paper craft. Now i should say that this little project is a tad on the tough side but if you slow down the video a little and follow the stages carefully it can make an amazing gift box for friends and family.
For a somewhat larger box you can use stiff card at A3 size (or larger) and it should be able to contain pretty much any item you wish to put in it but as the size scales you will have to use heaver gauge card in order for it to be stable.

once the Box is complete simply screw up some tissue paper and wrap the ball of paper in a second skin of tissue in order to make a perfect pillow for your gift to sit upon.
Don't forget that you can also experiment with different coloured paper and patterns to really set your gift off then add a small ribon to hold the lid on and just like that you have a truly spectacular home made and very personal gift to put under the tree.

remember the gift counts but when your loved ones see the effort and care you have put into the packaging dont be surprised if they decide to keep the box too.

next week i will be doing a very very special How Too! as well as my annual Christmas gift to my readers, tune in then for more fun and games!

peace folks, and enjoy your holidays


DoveAlexa said...

I fucking LOVE origami!

Aries said...

one does ones best to appease ones fans lol

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