Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie Night: Forbidden Kingdom 2008

A very very VERY late movie night tonight in the form of the a martial arts epic with the gods of kung fu Jackie Chan and Jet Li!!!

South Boston teenager Jason Tripitikas (Michael Angarano) awakens from a dream of a battle between the Monkey King Sun Wukong (Jet Li) and heavenly soldiers amongst the clouds. He is a fan of kung fu movies; posters cover the walls of his room, and on his TV is the 1966 Hong Kong film "Monkey Goes West". After getting dressed, he makes his way to a pawn shop in downtown Boston's China town to buy wuxia DVDs. There, Jason converses with Hop (a prosthetics-laden Jackie Chan), the shop's elderly owner, and, while thumbing through some DVDs, he is drawn to a golden staff inside a room full of antiques. Hop tells him that the staff is to be delivered to its rightful owner and then closes the door.

On his way back home, Jason is attacked by local bully Lupo (Morgan Benoit) and his cronies, who force him to go back to the pawnshop at night so that Hop will open the door, allowing them to steal his money. Feeling betrayed, Hop tries to attack the thieves with the staff, but is shot by Lupo. Hop, wounded, tells Jason that Jason must now deliver the staff to its rightful owner. Jason takes the staff and runs from the thieves. On top of a building, he is surrounded by the bullies, as Lupo fears that Jason will expose the shooting to the police and intends to silence him. Before Lupo can shoot, Jason is suddenly pulled off the roof by the staff and falls backwards onto the asphalt, and through time.

As he awakens in ancient China he is confronted by a small group of armored warriors who recognize the staff and attempt to take it from him....and....

....that's where im cutting you off folks as frankly i think I have spoiled enough of the flick.
so sit back relax grab your (by now very stale) popcorn and enjoy the movie.

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