Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Daily Blogg: i can quit...

...i just don't wanna. Yes im still playing WoW and although it has yet to get to this stage (see pic) i have noticed myself spending frankly disturbing amounts of time in front of my PC only stopping for long enough to refill the mini fridge with Red bull and processed meat products.

So as of today im limiting myself back down to no more that three sessions per day of no more than two hours at a time. Raiding simply does not count regardless of the raid content...this is not an excuse for me to live in a raid location but i have moved in beside Onyxia and although she is a bitch of a room mate i have found that beating the living crap out her solo is shits and giggles.

Depressing how much you can pimp some lowbies with onyxia gear these days.

wait did i just refer to a Lv 60 as a lowbie? oh bloody hell....

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