Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How Too: make a bluetooth glove

Before you begin be warned that this is although very cool it is totally useless unless you waterproof the fingertips and the PCB and make a simple pad for the tactile interface (the switch) near the wrist or directly under the fingers as seen in the video. It is also wise to extend the Bluetooth active LED and place it within an eyelet housing on an inconspicuous part of the glove as well as making a Velcro opening at a seam so you can recharge the unit.

it cheap its cool and when combined with the spy cam hat (see previous how too's) can be enough to get you thrown our of pretty much any and every public area in town.


use of this device can and will make you look like a total idiot even after you explain what you are doing and demonstrate it functioning but luckily no more than a regular bluetooth headset.


Aries said...

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DoveAlexa said...

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DoveAlexa said...

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