Monday, November 3, 2008

Daily Blogg: Meh and stuff

So anyway in case you didn't notice there was no movie last weekend, there is a really good reason for this...

...oh you wanna know what it is? oh ok, basically my uploader screwed the pooch with the new Bond Movie (Quantum of solace) and we ended up with a blurry blue screen instead of a movie thus the motivation poster as today's topic pic. see Carl i told ya I'd mock your failure now feel bad and apologize to the nice people.

Now due to way too much beer and an odd green liquid that made my eyeballs feel itchy i will not be posting any pics of the Halloween party until i get a chance to screen them properly...

...that is to say, until i get back to Belfast and retrieve my camera and jacket from wherever the hell i abandoned it in my inebriated state.

oh well i'll do all that later, none the less stay tuned for another week of my usualy stupidity

peace out

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