Saturday, November 8, 2008

Movie Night: Drillbit Taylor (2008)


ooh embedded goodness returns once again on Aries Antics Net Famous Movie Night (oh how i missed thee) just in time for some comedic gold.

On their first day of high school, two boys, Ryan and Wade, are embarrassed by the fact that they happen to wear the same shirt (yes seriously...i mean wtf?). Wade sticks up for a smaller fellow geek, Emmit Oosterhaus, who is being shoved into a locker by bullies Filkins and Ronnie. As a result the violent bullies Filkins and Ronnie terrorizes all three at every chance they get.

The trio complain to the principal, but their concerns fall upon deaf ears. Filkins is furious that the boys have squealed on him, and even chases them with a car, apparently to murder them. Wade suggests to his friends that they pool their money together to hire a bodyguard who can protect them. They place an ad on the Internet, and select Drillbit Taylor out of several candidates, mainly because he is the cheapest.

Lunacy ensues as the dumbfounded and frankly idiotic Drillbit attempts to teach them to be cool and defend themselves while at the same time utterly failing to guard them in any way shape or form.

This is a good old fashioned feel good movie with little to no fuss made while retaining a simplistic slapstick humorous bent through the entirety of the film.

ok folks you know the drill by now, grab your popcorn and dim the lights, Its movie magic time!

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