Friday, October 31, 2008

Rant: BBC balls up

Seriously THIS caused all the fuss? I mean honestly I know that this is silly but is it worth sacking two British TV/Radio celebs costing them (and the BBC) in excess of 1.3 million pounds as well as ruining BBC1's Saturday night line up and potentially destroying these men's careers.

Ok it was immature, it was puerile it was definitely pointless sh*ts and giggles IT WAS A PRANK PHONE CALL! i mean good grief the rod up that guys ass must have a rod up its ass. I understand that his granddaughter may potentially be a touchy subject but if you consider she is in her mid 20's (and so is Russel Brand BTW) and well beyond the age of consent i personally believe that despite maby being a bit pissed off about it the family should suck it the hell up and see it for the joke it is.

Seriously i couldn't have told you who Andrew Sachs was prior to this incident as i always thought of the actor as the somewhat minor character Maunwell from Faulty towers (and i never even herd of his granddaughter before) and despite the negative publicity this has caused i cant help but think we will be hearing a LOT more from this aging actor in the near future and in all probability a pop single from his talentless mediocre grandchild to cash in on the crushing of two frankly very funny (if childish) men's life's and future employment chances in the entertainment industry in the name of public outcry and indecency.

Well i say BULLSH*T grow a sense of humor you wizened old fart.

rant ends.


DoveAlexa said...

They were offended? Really? This is hillarious! I laughed so hard. Especially when they did the I'm sorry song. hahahah. Awesome guys, that sucks they got in trouble for this.

Aries said...

yea Russel Brand (the guy on the left) got fired and Jonathan Ross (on the right)got suspended from his Saturday night talk show for three months...

...personally i though it was funny as hell but then again what do i know?

DoveAlexa said...

We don't feel that everyone should be babied in life and it isn't a moral offense to make fun of someone who's really nobody. I say he's free game. Pick on the old and rich and young and poor alike!