Thursday, October 30, 2008

How too: Make fake Blood!

Well after all whats Halloween without lashings of fake O+ dripping off everything? Seriously i always make buckets of the stuff nice and thick and have it ready to douse anyone foolish enough to attempt to egg or TP my place.

Alternatively red food dye and a super soaker primed and ready by the front door makes quite the statement piece.

None the less happy holidays folks and have a spooktactualr Halloween!

Additional: 30k Hits

I just noticed we rolled over the 30K mark on the hit counter and i would like to say thank you to everybody who hits my little corner of the internet regularly and a very special thanks to Dovealexa who somehow manages to make a comment of some shape or form on my various ramblings on a regular basis. Now as for the rest of you stop being so shy and comment me up, after all its not like i don't know you've been here is it?


DoveAlexa said...

I is comment whore. ;D

<3 Aries

Aries said...

y'know i have no problem with that, at least somebody is commenting lol

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