Sunday, October 5, 2008

Movie Night: Cloverfield (2008)

If you haven't already watched the defining monster movie of 2008 then i really must as you what the hell you have been doing? None the less i shall elaborate on the less than subtle plot. The story starts on April 27, 6:42 am, and Rob Hawkins awakens after spending a romantic night with longtime friend Elizabeth "Beth" McIntyre in her father's Columbus Circle apartment. They plan to visit Coney Island for the day.

May 22, 6:43 pm. Rob's brother Jason Hawkins and his girlfriend Lily Ford prepare a Manhattan apartment for Rob's farewell party, as he has accepted a job at his company's Japan office. Rob's friend Hudson "Hud" Platt is given a camera by Jason and the responsibility of recording final goodbyes from family and friends at the party, but instead unsuccessfully flirts with his crush, Marlena Diamond. Beth arrives with a date, Travis, which upsets Rob. To his dismay, he realizes he was taping over footage of him and Beth, including their trip to Coney Island, which shows up intermittently throughout the film. Lily reveals Rob and Beth slept together several weeks previously, which Hud then shares with others at the party, making matters worse. Rob provokes Beth and her date into leaving the party.

While Hud and Jason try to talk to Rob, the building shakes. A loud guttural roar can be heard emanating from outside as there is a power outage throughout the city. When the power returns, everyone turns on the local news, where the anchor explains that there was an earthquake and an oil tanker has capsized in the bay off Lower Manhattan. Curious partygoers and neighbors go up to the roof to spot the disaster, where they witness an explosion in Lower Manhattan. As fire and debris begin to rain down, the partygoers flee to the street below. Suddenly, the horrifyingly familiar yet mangled head of the statue of liberty crashes down into the street beside them and insanity ensues as the terrified population attempt to flee the city...

I would say this is an astounding and awe inspiring movie and possibly the next generation of the classic Godzilla films and the milestone by which every other monster movie to come will be judged, but to be honest i presumed you knew that already.

so grab yer popcorn people its movie time.



Personal Update:

party hangover STILL in play, normal service will resume once my brain fits inside my skull.

party was fun though...

...i ended up in Glasgow wearing a pair of lime green bermuda shorts and for some bloody reason a dented keg of what may have once been beer that i apparently "borrowed" from a local bar at about 5am...

...the bartender and the local police were very understanding (after we paid for the booze and the damages)

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